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Not as emotional an ending as the Japanese version...I cried all through Kimi no Mune ni Lalala because of the little slideshow of clips throughout DP. Dub was meh. Still sadder than May's departure, but in Japanese it was the best.

-*hopes for all BGM in last episode* *greeted with screechy music* D:
- Starting like the first ep~ Sortas
- Of COURSE Ash is going to enter in another league, Dawn..
- Brock's heart eyes came up at a weird time right after Ash's jungle outfit...
- I got tears in my eyes AGAIN when Pikachu started crying along with Piplup o__O
- Wow, forgot about Sudowoodo
- Wow, the dub opening is such a sucky song to use as a battle song
- ...They cut the slideshow ending. Knew it would happen, but how sucky an ending from you, TPCI

Music kept: (7):

Dawn goes to wake up Ash
TR theme
Piplup disappears
Tears for a Cloudy Day
Satoshi's New Theme
Kimi no Mune ni Lalala Instrumental
Ash and Brock together at the end

Originally Posted by Kirbychu View Post
There is no exact definition of what a Pokemon master is. A Nintendo representative even stated this when asked:
And apparently they wanted to keep Pikachu's gender "ambiguous" before it was revealed in a random DP episode. It was just their elaborate way of saying they didn't know exactly what the point in Ash's journey was, since saying the point of the series is seeing through Ash's dream of becoming a Pokemon Master...but not knowing what that is for over 10 years seems kinda...y'know. So they make up that and hope people believe it. My optimistic view on the matter :D
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