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    First of all I want to give special thanks to mindfreak.
    When DC sufferd on the unfixable glitch he supported me to continue.
    He helped me to re-insert the graphics and ASM and make them even better!
    So yeah, to make it short welcome on the brand new Pokemon Dark cry: The legend of giratina!

    You might all remember my old hack pokemon dark cry, the hack that has been stolen by japanese people.
    But dark cry will come back and well today! this isn’t just pokemon dark cry.
    This... is...

    A new world to explore:
    This... is.... the... trion region

    **Hack of** Pokémon Fire Red (U)
    **Language** English

    **Fan made boxart!**

    -Don't spam!
    -Don’t post crap like bugs that already has been told (report)
    -Don’t ask for beta’s/alpha's!

    Hello my name is mitchel1 (does it ring a bell? :P) the creator of pokemon thunder emblem. This time I’ll bring up my oldest hack ever: Pokemon Dark cry. With better scripts, maps and events then Thunder Emblem! I’ll also say i’ll not bring a update every day, because I’m bussy with school, girlfriend and live, like the most people here ^^ that was the introduction.

    You woke up and you realised that you were lying in a cave, and you saw everything black and white. Nobody heard you saying. But, you saw two people, standing by a dark altar. On the altar was sort of plate lying, kinda strange. The two people by the altar were talking about a "Shadow Plate". You were trying to attack them with your pokémon, but your pokémons weren't with you, and also, you couldn't scream. Then, you saw a persoon walking with an emblem of an "R" on his shirt. You're trying to stop him, but he walks right trough you.
    You saw the person doing a strange ritual, and then, there was a big, big earthquake and a giant shadow was coming to you.

    You woke up and realised it was all a dream. You walked out your bed, and looked at the clock, you saw it’s already ... AM, you went to late for picking up you first pokemon. Later you realised that your dream is comming true!

    *new hero/heroine
    *4 new never showed fakemon
    *new and better scripts
    *new ASM routlines
    *new proffesor
    *new Battlegrounds
    *New region
    *new tekstbox
    *New intro sprites
    *new music
    *Harder then fire red
    *better with graphics and scripts then Thunder Emblem
    *other story
    *new tiles
    *New pallets
    *New gymleaders
    *The story will be complete told.
    *two rivals
    *Time based Events!
    *Ruins of Alph puzzel enable!
    *Side quests!
    *Brand new POKéPAPER!
    *and alot more...

    Mitchel1 (me): owner, Leader, Mappen, Graphic editor, scripten (everything), Overworld maker, tilemaps ect.
    Mindfreak (Metagross): Tilemaps (graphic) Inserter/helper
    Moebius: Graphic artist
    >Dante<: Graphic helper
    Morris: Spriter
    Black Charizard: Translator
    Aero: Banner designer

    Kyledove: Tiles, pallet, ow's, battlegrounds.
    ZodiacDaGreat, Hackmew, MastermindX, Interdepth: Offical D/N system for Fire Red
    Morris: Fakemons, OW's!
    C.N.C: tiles, pallets
    Pey: tiles
    Alistar: tiles
    Wesley FG: Tiles, Overworlds
    Wesley FG and Zein: Forest tiles
    jupio1234: giratina pixel art.
    Zel: D/P devamp world map tiles, tile(s)
    Sergio--: Moon and stars tile
    Coronis: Gold backsprite
    Spherical Ice: Pixel art door animation!
    Mac_Mini: for a small part from his script.
    Daikari: For transplate the story from dutch to english
    Metagross: Tiles, pallets, grass BG
    Saurav: Tiles
    Syn_Zeikku and LinkandZelda: Tiles and pallets
    Fankingomega: tiles, pallets
    Magnius: music files
    Manipulation: General help, resourced the solana OW, finishing off Solana's ow's
    O.G Duke: Solana Backsprite
    Sandtoad, 07harris, Buizel 9, powerruletheearth, PokemonTrainerd: Support Banners
    éClair: Anti-beta/alpha askers banner
    Satoshi Sugimori: Fan made boxart

    Want to support Pokemon Dark cry: The legend of giratina?
    Place one of these fan bar in your sign.


    Alpha 2.1.5 release trailer!
    Pokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina ©: A new brilliant team rocket scene!
    Pokéathlon mini-game
    First bug gym gesina "outdated"
    New way to choose your POKéMON
    New headbutt script! Based on day/night POKéMON

    BOLD: Still need to be resolved!
    Line: Has been resolved!
    Green: I never could resolve!

    Bugs: (so far)
    : Bag layout seems like to change color after selecting a item
    : POKéDEX mini-map (location POKéMON capture!) has still the old "KANTO" line.
    : Fishing OW causes pallet glitch.
    : Capture a POKéMON in wild grass works perfect, but when you capture it and it appears in the "flash" POKéDEX the text (information) border remains black! This won't stay forever but it's a bug that we cannot fix for now, it has something to do with the battle background!
    : When you use your town map it might occur that your location is different!
    : When prof. Rowan call up the shinx in the intro. The POKéBALL ''floats'' left of him.
    : There are a few minor grammar errors!
    : Costum trainer battle background has not been added yet.

    Fun knowledge from Dark Cry: TLoG:
    : Area's could have been changed by morning, day, afternoon, evening or night! (This makes exploring the Trion Region endless!)
    : POKéMON Dark Cry: TLoG also contains alot of side quests and mini-games. These make this hack more entertained to play!
    : Regular tiles like a window, radio's and Tree's might contain a behavior byte script! These make more things possible!

    Don't do the following! (© protected!) (If you do I'll hunt you down with a blunt knife and cut your eye out, the header code hasn't changed for nothing!)
    : Don't use/rip the OW's that has been inserted in dark cry: TLoG!
    : Don't use/rip the tileset/pallets that has been inserted in dark cry: TLoG!
    : Don't use/rip scripts or even part of scripts that has been inserted in dark cry: TLoG!
    : Don't decompile ASM routlines and use them for your own!
    : Don't use the tilemaps/RAW's that has been inserted in dark cry: TLoG!

    Alpha 1.0.5 released: Click here!
    Alpha 2.1.5 released: Click here!

    Remember! My english is not that good. I’m dutch, not GERMAN like most people think! xD