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This movie gave me some mixed views.

It was bad enough that they cut off the beginning introduction of the film, but the movie itself had its ups and downs. The storyline I liked; it was definitely something a bit different from what we've had the past few movies. However, the way they went about producing it all and fitting it together could have been done a little bit better in my opinion. For instance, I felt like even though the movie was 2 hours long, it seemed to be moving at a fast pace for me. I think they should have taken more time with the storyline, because it was a good idea they had, and the movie wasn't at its worst, but it could have been better I guess.

I definitely give props to the animation though. Except, in a lot of parts of the movie, I didn't like how they sketched out and animated Zoroark. In some scenes the body was all weird, and then sometimes Zoroark's face looks badly drawn. Zorua was great though! The voice actor for Zorua was perfect I think, it definitely fit the character well.

We saw lots of Hoenn Pokémon though, did anyone notice that? From the Linoones, Brelooms, Mightyena, and more. I only wonder if this hints off any RSE remake (just saying). XD;
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