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Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
And apparently they wanted to keep Pikachu's gender "ambiguous" before it was revealed in a random DP episode. It was just their elaborate way of saying they didn't know exactly what the point in Ash's journey was, since saying the point of the series is seeing through Ash's dream of becoming a Pokemon Master...but not knowing what that is for over 10 years seems kinda...y'know. So they make up that and hope people believe it. My optimistic view on the matter :D
How would you even define what "master" is in Pokemon, or even real-life sports? Say that some boy set out on a journey to become the master of soccer/football. When would he achieve his goal? Let's say this very same boy became a professional player. Would he be a "master" then, or would he still have to become one of the best in the whole world? Even if he did have to do that, many younger players would look up to that now grown-up kid as a "master" when they compare his skills to theirs.

What I'm saying is that being a "master" at something is very subjective. I personally don't think the title "Pokemon Master" is anything official, but the anime may correct me in the future.
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