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    Well I saw the episode yesterday and was a little late to post, I loved it a lot and lets please keep shipping hate out of this topic. I could say Pokeshippers are crazy for having some one like Misty liking Ash, so yes lets keep that in the shippers debate thread shall we? The one thing I did like was Dawn waking up Ash, that was always a favorite scene of mine, even in when watching it in the Japanese version. Sadly she woke him up with Pikachu, that had to hurt but Ash is used to it so LOLz. Animation was great as was the music, yah I really liked the music they used here. I'm also glad they had that high five in the episode, always Pearlshippers favorite. Last thing, Ash saying no need to worry and cheering up Dawn, that was great. I'm still hopping for Dawn to get a cameo in the next series but some thing tells me no. Over all I'll miss this series, it was a great while we had it, Dawn/Pearlshipping/Paul/Barry yah.
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