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I'm doing a single solo challenge on Pearl with the amazing Toitle the Torterra.

-Started my adventure.
-Went to the lake and got Turtwig.
-Timid nature. RESET!
-Restarted my adventure.
-Got Careful Turtwig.
-Named Toitle, got Pokedex.
-Caught Derpette, the HM slave.
-Went to Jubilife, fought rival on Route 203.
-Made it Orenburgh.
-Made Roark stop playing with rocks for a battle.
-Toitle evolved into Grotle while fighting the gym underlings.
-VS Roark
Toitle vs. Geodude
Toitle used Razor Leaf
Geodude fainted.
Toitle vs. Onix
Toitle used Razor Leaf
Onix fainted.
Toitle vs. Cranidos
Cranidos used Leer.
Toitle used Razor leaf
Cranidos fainted.
Coal Badge get.
Fought Galatics.
Did Galatic stuff at Valley of Windworks/Floroma Town
-Made it through Eterna Forest
-fought Gardenia, defeated her with Bite
-Toitle evolved again, learned Earthquake.
-Defeated Jupiter
-Saved Going down Route 206.

Badges: 2

Toitle/Torterra Lv. 32
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