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blog/site - daed's twitter

Just a fair warning: there's walls of text. Be wary.
Proudly made in RPG Maker XP.



Click here for the latest update! (5/21/11)


Hi, I'm Daisy!

Hello, I'm Daedalus. I've been around the community for too long, and I love developing games as a hobby. I've been a Pokénerd for most of my life; I watched the show as a kid, and then got a gameboy color and Pokémon Silver the next Christmas, and I've never really strayed from the series since. Sometimes I'm bitter, but I try my best to be generally approachable. I can take criticism fine as long as it's constructive, and I think friends are awesome, especially the ones I have. On to the Tyrian side of things...

I've been working on Tyrian for a while. I've had previous games before that just didn't work out for one reason or another and thus some ideas found their way into Tyrian. DarkDoom3000's game Super Pokémon Eevee Edition was a major inspiration for my game. It proved that something that looks ten years old and has significant changes from the main series can do so well. This significantly impacted some of my decisions on projects, so I decided to go with the same look, and some changes to gameplay. Although my changes aren't as huge as his. Thus Tyrian was born, in a sense. I think I'll cut it off here, if for some ungodly reason you have questions, feel free to ask.

The Story

Once upon a time, Yuoaman decided to buy a whale...

"I have brought you the Blue Orb. Let its shine awaken you! And show me... Show me the full extent of your power!"
The Hoenn Incident took place years ago. Eight years, to be exact. After the incident, the two men responsible for the event seemed to have vanished without a trace. Regions around the world pledged to prevent such an incident from occurring again; the international police force would do it's best in chasing down criminal syndicates.

Flash forward to the present. The northern region of Koru is fearing for it's safety; the region further up north dubbed Taguin was invaded by the ruthless Crimson Empire. It's only a matter of time before the empire makes its next move.

In Cyan Town, our protagonist readies themselves for their very own Pokémon journey. With their father leaving behind a Pokémon for the day they decided to start their own adventure, they take the said Pokémon, and make their way to Professor Basswood's laboratory.

Meet the Cast

Starring Sylvester Stallone & Bill the Dog!

The Protagonists

Age: 14
Hometown: Cyan Town

The player will choose either the male or female protagonist to play as in Tyrian. As a child, their father left the house to pursue his goal to become a master of Fighting type Pokémon. As such, the player is left with a Tyrogue to begin their adventure in Koru.

Professor Neil Basswood

Age: 27
Hometown: Cyan Town

As a lover of science and Pokémon, Neil Basswood has dedicated his life to researching Pokémon; more specifically the types of moves a Pokémon can use. Through out the player's adventures, Basswood will give out TMs and the such, prompting the player to have a larger variety of moves to use.


Age: 14
Hometown: ???

A rookie trainer and niece to the recognized Professor Basswood, Sarah is a very competitive trainer, making a quite fierce rival. Sarah will appear often in the game to test the player's skill, and maybe help them out a bit. She can be a bit of a klutz, but her heart is in the right place.

Upcoming Character
- No Picture Available -
Age: ??
Hometown: ??

This is an upcoming character for a future update. This character is someone the player will face early on in a game, and prove to be a challenge. This character also enjoys parties and loud music, however dislikes battling.


Batteries not included.
  • Travel around Koru - A fresh, new region is just waiting to be explored by new trainers such as yourself.
  • Collect badges to prove your skill - A general staple in the series has returned yet again, with several new twists.
  • Catch and train old friends - Most, if not all Pokémon from the first three generations are found within Tyrian, and of course some from the fourth and possibly fifth. However, there will be no "fakémon".
  • Interesting locals - Dialogue that's chalk full of references, stories, and just general interesting thoughts open a whole new world of possibilities.
  • Prepare for a ride - An interesting and intense story compared to that of a normal Pokémon game.
  • What's happening? - If you're confused about what's happening, or you just want to know what's going on, radios and televisions in Koru tend to be informative!
  • A diverse starter Pokémon - Train your very own Tyrogue that your father left behind into a formidable opponent.
    More to come...

Tweaks from the Series

  • Max Repels - have had a decrease in price, and an increase in the steps protected, making them more economically viable.
    More to come...


Shooting screens is illegal in nine states!?

Any screenshots are of a work in progress (unless stated otherwise) and are subject to change in the future.

New screenshots in (almost) every update! Click here for the latest update! (5/21/11)


Roll the film!

When I post videos of Tyrian, I have several 'goals' with that video. They are as follow.
  • The quality must be the absolute best that I can record with.
  • The sound must be audible but not too loud.
  • It's simple to get the 'point' of said video.

    Videos will generally be about game play; however there may be a few that aren't. Currently, I have no videos to show, but at least this little space will be a constant reminder for me to record some.


(Preemptively Answered Questions)

Questions in the thread will likely be added if their asked frequently enough.

Q: What, what? Isn't it F.A.Q.?
A: These are basically questions that really haven't been asked yet, but I'll answer as I have a feeling they'll be asked at some point.

Q: Is there a alpha/beta/demo/game released? When is it released? When is the next update?
A: Basically if you look at the first post, and there's no area for downloading anything, then nothing is released yet. Only time will tell when I update and what not.

Q: What's your policy on updates?
A: I basically always have at least two updates ready to be posted. If I delay an update, it means I'm not quite done the update that might be a ways down the road. I do this so that I'm always ahead of what people can see, and there won't be periods with no updates.

Q: Why isn't your game using graphics from later generations?
A: I really like the second generation 'retro' feel. DarkDoom3000 inspired it, and it's staying. If you don't like it, then don't play it. Your loss.

Q: How far will the first release go up to?
A: Honestly, I'd love to say that I don't give releases unless it's a finished product, but then nobody would take interest in the project really. I plan for the first release to have say between three, four, or five gyms, and the second about seven or eight, and then the 'final' release will be the completed version. There'll be smaller versions released in between the 'big' releases, which fix bugs and what not.

Q: So if this is a second generation game, why are there Pokémon from later generations? Why is the resolution not that of a game boy resolution? Why is it completely close to Gold?
A: I kind of consider Tyrian generation 2.5, or something like that. If the resolution was that of a game boy size, that would just sort of be too small for some people, and it would take time to do. Same with the interfaces, why take extra time to script an interface that functions already, which just needs some graphical tweaks?

Q: How did you make this? Why don't you make it in ______?
A: RPG Maker XP, with poccil's Essentials of the Pokémon variety. Mostly because I'm not much of a programmer and this is a hobby. Plus I can get the finished product done much faster.

The Team

The Fantastic Four!

Daedalus - That would be me! I think I said enough in the Introduction...

Yuoaman - He's a great guy. He makes awesome region maps, writes great dialogue, moderates PC's in my opinion best sections, maps well, and has trained a diglett to sit on a chair.

Ven - This guy is kind of like a mapping machine. He pumps out beautiful maps in no time at all. He also helps with other things, and is a nice guy.

"Cherrim" - "Cherrim" is another user who wished to remain anonymous, as he doesn't really go on PC or deviantArt very much. However, he takes imagination and turns it into the great sprites and tiles for Tyrian. He's a really cool guy.


And people worth ninety mentions.
  • Thanks to poccil as he created Essentials. Good stuff.
  • Big thanks to Cilerba for helping me out with things here and there.
  • A huge, huge thanks to DarkDoom3000. He's my main inspiration for Tyrian, and a really nice guy. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have posted Tyrian. Super Pokémon Eevee Edition is an amazing game, and I encourage everyone to check it out if they haven't.
  • Thanks to Coolboyman for creating Brown & Prism - my two favorite ROM hacks, which also served as inspiration for Tyrian.
  • My team, for putting up with my crap over instant messaging.


Any support is appreciated!

Since in the past I've seen "support bars" and the lot in people's signatures; I thought I'd get one up for Tyrian. I'll put up more in the future. Use them if you like! :D

- Made by "Cherrim".
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