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I liked this equation because it mentioned N.

But in actuality, I understood everything you said. I wouldn't say each new ship with Ash has less chance than the last. Before Negai, I would've agreed, but I think Negai comes before Advance, but after Pokeshipping. But yeah, everything with Ash has a probability of something next to 0. That you can say that homosexual ships are even as closely possible as hetro ships in this children's programme (which is hardly the show that is going to be breaking boundaries, dealing with taboo subjects...haha) pretty much shows how little the writers care about Ash having any sort of romantic interest anymore.

I don't think Ash will end up with anyone by the complete end of the whole series. For him to, he'd have to have a huge personality change, and the writers dislike any permanent character development for him, it seems. It's just about him and Pikachu now. All anyone can do is have fun looking at "hints". Ash is going to live a long and full life - as a 10 year old - with his Pikachu, and no one else.~