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Dang I got quoted a lot for my short post. Here comes a long post.

Originally Posted by Frostik View Post

The plus for CafeMocha is that it was let out of the box with a bang. Akin to Barry's man-crush on Paul. Or Brock and every romance he tried to start. It's hints can drift to nothing, and all everyone will remember is that he tried to jump across the table to-- *massages temples* Okay, won't get crude.

That is true I have to admit.

This is why I generally don't 'ship mainstream; it's much too much of a turn-off when you associate any part of its existence with negativity (I could tell a story about the G-Gundam fandom that impacted a bunch of other fandoms I favored; and you thought your fandoms hated Teh Ghei. Not like that. Never like that.). And it's hard to shake.
I don't ship mainstream much but the only ones that I actually do ship is Advanceshipping and Contestshipping.

Originally Posted by RubyJB88 View Post

But once the fanfic starts warping into what reality is in the anime, that's where things start to go wrong. Readers look too hardly into it and start believing it may come true.
Exactly which makes things go a bit too out of hand sometimes when it comes to wanting something to happen the way you want it.

Originally Posted by GlalieX View Post
Even as an Advanceshipper, I was starting to get fond of Pearlshipping but now there isn't much to talk about with it anymore. Oh well.
I was a bit the same way but instead of Pearlshipping I was leaning over to Contestshipping.

Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post

LOL, I'm okay with this XD And with BW19 about to air, hopefully, we'll be getting even more Cafémocha!

Oh yeah BW episode 19 will probably have a lot of Cafemochashipping. (Hopefully there'll be some Wishfulshipping too)

I found out somewhere towards the middle of Hoenn that Japanese episodes existed. Boy, was it an eye opener!

I don't think I have watched the Jap version of Hoenn. I need to watch it.

The debate would be monstrous and flamey, probably *is a cynic*
And things will go crazy and too over hand.

Oh, looolll!!! But the thing is, they expanded on Barry's mancrush, quite a bit. He couldn't stop fanboying over him during the league..."It gets lonely at the top, but Paul will keep me company!"
I still remember the Barry obsession over Paul Man I'm already missing DP.

AK47: Why you have to put Math into all of this? The equation thing got me confused already XD.