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    Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post
    And the fact that Ash and Dento travel with each other opens up a mountain of possibilities and opportunities! I mean, look at the Ash x Main girl ships! And BOULDERSHIPPING! (Which is better IMO <3)
    *pets Bouldershipping* Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do~ Traveling with Ash is like being guaranteed someone with love you with him.

    ;_; Well, many not for poor Tracey. *not that he doesn't have his own ambitions; Elder vs Apprentice, anyone?*

    I ship if I like. I'm lucky if it's mainstream, because then I get to find more fanart...but a lot of the times, it isn't Pray tell, what happened? XD
    Before G-Gundam was shown on Cartoon Network, there was a small community of people (women?) dedicated to it. Purists in any sense of the word. To them, if you didn't 'ship the main couples, you were a target for criticism. If 'shipped gay, you GTFO. If you 'shipped Domon/Allenby, you GTFO. If you 'shipped ANYTHING that wasn't the four main couples (and Chibodee/one of his four girls) you were told you weren't a fan of the show, because you didn't appreciate "the creator's vision." And they dominated the FFN section at the time.

    Me, I entered as a Chibodee/George fan. They were the side favorites, and the only two of the five that had any real chemistry as companions beyond We're Awesome Chosen Ones (drinking together in the middle of a battle = usually says something). ...Actually, that's bias (the Kid was in the hero's grill, and the American was too), but the drinking did it anyway.

    So being this of the time that FFN was /the/ place to go for fics, naturally, I went there to see if I could find anything. I wasn't surprised to find so little, but I was shocked at the lack of acceptance by the fandom BFNs (if you could call them that). Reading reviews for anything different was like an icepick being jabbed in your stomach. It was so closed off.

    My feelings toward the show soured pretty quick, pretty hard. :B And it impacted my like of Zoids and my diehard love of Megaman X. Why? Because G-Gundam was dubbed by the same off-shoot company that dubbed Zoids: Chaotic Century and the later MMX games. How can I love MMX if all I'm being reminded of is stupid Domon Kasshu and the fans loyal to his damn boring existence with the annoying chick?

    ...I got better, later (btw, Domon is made of memeticism). =X But I think it left the specific community repressed.

    I've noticed something interesting...isn't kinda weird that Wishfulshipping is getting a bit more attention than Negai? Usually the main girl shipping dominates the other ships in the region, but now, the other ships are pretty hefty competitors against them...Yes, Cafémocha included!
    It's could because at this stage, the solo 'shippers (as opposed to multies) are spreading themselves thinner with each new girl who shows up. People have started watching in DP and some still find themselves preferring the older companions, once they revisit the episodes they've missed. There are those not jumping 'ship.

    Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
    But now reasoning must be thrown into the mix. Homosexuality is a taboo in a show with an age range of the tween years.
    Proof it's taboo in Japan to show ickle gay to a young audience, or your equation means nothing because it's based on the wrong logic.

    And still not seeing how you jump from "(N=M) + (N=/= M) = (N > M)". That N's greater than M looks more pulled out the butt, simply on the standing of the taboo logic, which is flawed.
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