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    Originally Posted by Frostik View Post
    *pets Bouldershipping* Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do~ Traveling with Ash is like being guaranteed someone with love you with him.

    ;_; Well, many not for poor Tracey. *not that he doesn't have his own ambitions; Elder vs Apprentice, anyone?*
    Man, when I watched their farewell scene in the dub, I was so excited when their hands lingered for just a bit longer after their handshake...I was about to put my arms up in jubilation, but I bent back a finger in the process...ouch

    I'm more of an Orangeshipper myself :B Misty's gotta be keeping her desires in check somehow.

    Before G-Gundam was shown on Cartoon Network, there was a small community of people (women?) dedicated to it. Purists in any sense of the word. To them, if you didn't 'ship the main couples, you were a target for criticism. If 'shipped gay, you GTFO. If you 'shipped Domon/Allenby, you GTFO. If you 'shipped ANYTHING that wasn't the four main couples (and Chibodee/one of his four girls) you were told you weren't a fan of the show, because you didn't appreciate "the creator's vision." And they dominated the FFN section at the time.
    Ew, that sounds awful! Not just because it's blatantly homophobic, it's just so suffocating with such limited shipping selections. The fewer ships there are, the more divided the fandom is. Unless of course, there's only one ship XD

    It's could because at this stage, the solo 'shippers (as opposed to multies) are spreading themselves thinner with each new girl who shows up. People have started watching in DP and some still find themselves preferring the older companions, once they revisit the episodes they've missed. There are those not jumping 'ship.
    Okay, don't hate me for this, but I've also noticed a pattern in "shipping groups" and I've come to the conclusion that these groups are made for the sole purpose of driving everyone but Misty away from Ash. How many people do you know ship all of these?


    They tend to avoid "jumping ship" by doing this...

    Proof it's taboo in Japan to show ickle gay to a young audience, or your equation means nothing because it's based on the wrong logic.

    And still not seeing how you jump from "(N=M) + (N=/= M) = (N > M)". That N's greater than M looks more pulled out the butt, simply on the standing of the taboo logic, which is flawed.
    Well said :')

    And anyways...
    Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

    There a flaw in your equation - Another possibility:
    • Probability of NegaiShipping = 0%
    • Probability of CafeMochaShipping = 0%
    • Probability of a threesome with no strings attached = 100%
    ^This. BW is actually the only group I think that is capable of pulling this off. They're all so cute <3


    I bet you Dento will have a tag battle with Ash first! *runs*

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