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    Greetings everyone. I am pokefan41, a long time veteran of the Pokemon games. I own practically every pokemon game made, with the exception of the games made for N64, and Pokemon Box. I have enjoyed every game made, but I kept feeling like I wanted more. When I saw some users making their own games, and I found the means to make my own, I went to work. Pokemon Bronze is the start of what I hope will be a long line of custom Pokemon Games related to this first one.

    Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh have been plagued with world domination plots for years. Residents have been getting tired of dealing with criminals roaming everywhere, not to mention the countless children who have to somehow save them from these villains. Some residents are just tired of it, and want to get away. Your family is one of them. You, and your parents are tired of dealing with the criminals, so they find a location where crime is practically non-existent. Impossible? No, the region of Orbis has the reputation of being the most calm and relaxing region for pokemon and humans. Some call it the vacation spot away from everything.
    On this isolated region, you and your family settle in the quiet town of BluePort. You meet Professor Mackle, who tells you he’s the professor whose job it is to deliver starter pokemon to aspiring young children who wish to become a pokemon trainer. No surprise there, practically every region has such a professor. While you have lived with pokemon all your life, the idea of traveling with pokemon, training them everywhere, just didn’t seem like something you wanted to do. Then, Professor Mackle says something that peaks your interest, the Orbis Gym Committee is looking for aspiring trainers to take over two gym positions in the Orbis region.
    Being a gym leader is something you’ve always wanted, but you didn’t want to travel with pokemon to reach that goal. Kind of one sided, isn’t it? Professor Mackle mentions the requirements to you, including the gym leader requirement, and you must be able to defeat the Orbis Elite 4 in order to be included in the pool for the position of gym leader. Now you don’t know if you want to pursue the gym leader challenge, as such you don’t like the idea of traveling with pokemon nor the idea of training them. Professor Mackle tells you if you want to take on the challenge, you must tell him by the next morning. While thinking in your room about what to tell the professor, your parents call you down to have a long talk with you about the ethics of training pokemon, and if you really want this, you’ll have to work at it. After great encouragement from your parents you head back to the lab, and give the professor your decision. You then begin your journey through Orbis, encountering pokemon, and training them to eventually defeat the Elite 4.

    · 240 pokemon available to capture.
    · Collect 6 gym badges to advance to the Elite 4
    · Semi-interactive, where your choices impact the game, some minor, some major.
    · New region to explore, Orbis
    · Hunt down and capture legendary pokemon only known to elders;
    · Run a pokemart for a day
    · Teach at one of 4 trainer schools.

    Poccil and Flameguru for the fantastic Pokemon RPG MakerXP Starter Kit.

    If you have any questions, or would like to help me with this project, please pm me, and let me know what you would be able to do to help me.
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