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Id est damnum innocentiae OOC thread

“Loss of Innocence”

Click for the main thread

Rated: PG 14

News:Day 1 is up now

The Pokémon world has always been a world of wonder. It has come through many eras and coexisted with humanity. You were born into it like any other kid, and living the good life as a trainer. However, a recent discovery of some ancient Pokémon text revealed that the utopia that people have come to love and exist in would seize to exist.

This calendar of sorts was discovered in the Sinnoh region, in Michina town. An excavation team came upon the runes by accident. There, they translated, deciphered and verified it and were shocked at what they discovered. Deciding to reveal it to the world, they told that the world would seize to exist exactly 1.5 years, from when the announcement they were making. Thus it was determined that on March 15th 2012, the world would be destroyed. There was no reasoning given as to why or how this decision was made, but that only circumstantial evidence convinced these scientists that this was indeed going to happen. The runes also did not reveal a specific Pokémon or entity only that “the Harbinger” would be the judge. They mentioned however, that a small vestige of hope remained. This “Harbinger” would select 10 [Though it depends on the amount of SUs and such] people who trained Pokémon, those who were yet innocent and naive of the world, regardless of their background. The selected trainers would have to persuade the Harbinger, and in doing so, humanity would be saved. They would be selected on March 14th 2011 and have 1 year to complete this. The inscription was translated as follows:

Fate with death hast thou with whence thy day and night is no longer
Upon which one year from thy 150th year and 18th day of Arcis will thee encounter it so
Fear not – unto thee, six of thine people tasked for thine survival whilst go
One year unto descision’s breadth hast taken over
Survive and thou art rewarded life

Six months has passed since the news was revealed. Those scientists, who first revealed it, were put in jail for what the government said was inciting a war. Despite the government’s effort to suppress the people from violence and anarchy, as a result of the announcement, disorder was beginning to become rampant. Thus martial law was enacted.

Since the calamitous announcement, that you also watched on television to your dismay, you still have a relatively normal life, albeit, a lot more constrained. You still go to school, except now it is much stricter and corporal punishment had been introduced to keep the students in order. Pokemon battles still continue, but are now only allowed in supervised tournaments or gyms, not complying would mean the removal of your pokemon. Even curfews the government introduced were so harsh that police were told to shoot people on site, if they were seen past dark. All these events transpiring have probably left you in fear. Not to mention fear of losing your pokemon or your friends.

The day before this supposed day of ruin... You don’t recall ever being asked to be a participant; nonetheless, you hear a voice in your head telling you what it is that had to be done. Here it is as follows:

You have been selected to represent humanity. You have one day to prepare all that you wish to bring.
For the next year, you will prove yourself... Failure to do so, will result in the extinction of the human race, and all those you love.
Be warned, this journey will not be easy ,and if you are to persevere with the challenges ahead, you will be cause to my appearance, do well and humanity survives.
I as the Harbinger, will be watching.
Be prepared at this time tomorrow...

Unbeknownst to you, 10 [or however many SUs] people in total will be selected. This persuasion, the harbinger decided, would take place in a realm you would be transported to. There you will travel for a year, training your Pokémon, and developing your relationship and completing tasks. The realm will be full of Pokémon of every kind imaginable. It is essentially a smaller version of all types of environments found on Earth. There you are also able to catch Pokémon.

In order to persuade the harbinger, you will ultimately have to defeat him in a battle, however, you must first complete a series of challenges, of which will span for the entire year (more or less). It is encouraged people meet up with each other if possible, however this is not necessary. Once all of the trainers (for the one's still alive) have completed enough challenges and have been otherwise deemed worthy to fight, the Harbinger will appear to them...

Thus your journey begins:

A rush of sound... a flash of white light... You wake up somewhere else, somewhere you do not recognize. And among other things, you notice a device on your wrist...

Challenges that you may/will encounter:
  • Going from point A to B (in either a set limit of time, or not)
  • Catching a specific pokemon (of which items will be given to you by the harbinger, specifically for that challenge only)
  • Defeating Pokemon in a gym styled tournament
  • Competing against a fellow human
  • Hunting a pokemon (this is where your character’s morality and personality come into question)
  • Being able to teach your pokemon a specific move
  • Finding an item/egg/pokemon in a specific place
  • Care for an egg until it hatches
  • And other ideas
  • PM me for more ideas

You will be given these challenges by the Harbinger via a watch device you will find on your wrist on appearing in this new realm. This Pokegear, will only have your objective and a compass, nothing more will be on it. Sometimes the challenges will be vague, other times they will be specific. You might have a time limit, and other times you will not, of which the time limit will appear as a countdown on the watch itself. If you meet up with someone, your objectives might become the same thing. Once the task is complete, your pokegear will be updated with a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. Once complete you will be given time to recuperate as well as explore and catch your own pokemon on your own time, the pokegear will inform you when your next challenge is to begin. If you chose not to do a challenge given to you, you will not receive a new challenge until the next day (as a sort of penalty), then you will have the rest of the day to do what you like. There will be days where no challenge is given and you will be free to do what you like.

The number of challenges to be finished and won before gaining the right to fight the Harbinger is unknown. It will come when it comes...

If all participants successfully defeat the Harbinger in one on one combat, than humanity will be saved. If in the event that one looses to the Harbinger, this is fine, the battle can recommence once that person’s pokemon has recuperated. To save humanity then, all participants need to battle the Harbinger and win. If a participant dies then that is fine as they are negated from the end. It is until the time runs out (the one year) when you'll have to beat the Harbinger. That is, if you can gain the Harbinger’s attention before the last day.

Good luck!

Summary: You have been chosen to fight for humanity's existence in a survival game set up by something called the Harbinger. You have one year to complete challenges that will enable you to fight the harbinger, and save humanity.

You will be transported to a realm that is similar to earth, but acts very differently. There, you will find varying types of terrain and vegetation (or lack thereof) existing in the same plane of existence. The following is a list of highlights of each region
  • There is the desolate area to the North West, with an acidic river (you will find mostly ground pokemon here, as well as those pokemon who can survive in the harsh river)
  • The desert south of the desolate terrain. (home to more ground pokemon, and those that can deal without as much water)
  • The lush jungles just off the northern jungle. (plenty of grass pokemon, and otherwise tropical enduring pokemon)
  • The volcanic grounds in the centre. (plenty of fire pokemon here, along with a single cave entrance)
  • The oceanic area to the North East. (Plenty of water pokemon; there is a single boat on the island).
  • The mountains of the south, with the suspicious cave entrances (a good majority of ice-like pokemon live here, as well as some flying pokemon that can deal with the colder temperatures. There are also the typical cave dwelling pokemon here)
  • The grassy fields covering most of the east. (pretty much all kinds of pokemon can be found here)
  • The abandoned mansion south of the volcanic area* (no pokemon inside the mansion, for some strange reason)
  • The abandoned hydro electric power plant (the dam) to the east of that.** (lots of steel and electric pokemon here)
  • Lakes and water sources will be dotted throughout, aside from the acidic river and the ocean, all water will be drinkable, unless otherwise stated.

    * The mansion will not only be abandoned, but also desolate, it’s really only there for shelter, there isn’t much else.
    ** The dam is also abandoned, it is not working properly, but there are a lot of Electric and steel Pokémon there. The electric turbines doesn’t even work properly, though it seems pokemon have gotten it to work at times.
(See the attached picture below for a better reference. Feel free to describe the setting you are in, and the Pokemon that would be relevant to that area as well)

  • The numbers indicated on the map are starting locations, 1-6 (7 and 8 being optional for more RPers).
  • You will be given freedom as to some of the challenges, think of this as The Amazing Race, but without any particular destination. There will not be challenges every time, so you’d be free to rest up, interact with your Pokémon, or otherwise recover.
  • You are fighting for your own survival as well, this is like a survival game, and thus Pokémon are even prone to death.
  • Logically, Pokémon will be where their environment is most suited, you wouldn’t find an ice Pokémon in the volcanic region for example.
  • While there are no pokemon centres, it is important to maintain the health of your Pokémon, you can do this with items you have brought, or simply by appropriately letting it feed and rest.
  • In the same vain, there are also no PCs, so if you have 6 pokemon, the only way to get more is if you abandon one.
  • Items in your bag will be a key thing on your trip, aside from a tent, a sleeping bag, a water bottle and perhaps some food, you are allowed to bring whichever thing you need (including pokeballs). You must be aware however that these items are LIMITED, and you will never be able to replenish them – it’s back to the basics.
  • Be creative in your means of survival, what would you eat, where would you sleep? Etc. (maybe those Taurus look tasty after all)
  • Yes, the pokemon of this realm are catchable (all of them), even legendary Pokémon... but can you catch them? Regular pokemon are fine to encounter/post about on your own, however if you would like to encounter a legendary, only I can set up that incidental meeting.
  • If you plan on catching a pokemon, leave myself to decide if it is finally caught. Thus you need to write a descent battle. You may write your logical encounter up to your throwing of the ball, and it being absorbed by it.
  • This will not be like your typical game type of Pokémon 4 ever move type of thing. Your Pokémon will know all its moves as it grows. A young trainer thus with a young Pokémon, will not be able to use a high level move. So in that respect it has to be realistic. Even practice has to be made to perfect it. Think of it like the anime. A list of moves for respective Pokémon are here:
  • While the realm has specific regions of differences, it is not impossible to find a different type of pokemon somewhere else, just be realistic about it (like how bird pokemon can fly anywhere).
  • If you are unsure if you would encounter a certain type of pokemon in a specific area, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • I’d prefer to have to have half and half of each gender, but it's not an "end-all".
  • Romantic relationships are allowed; just don’t forget the task at hand.
  • Because this is akin to creating a new region, be creative in describing the area around you, I’ve left it open so that you can describe in full detail on how the land is. And in that way, other RP members can follow suit and use that description in the future. Create that vibrant setting. And for that reason, it might be important to read what other RPers have read, I mean if you go into a place where another RPer has just left, and describe it totally differently, it wouldn't make sense.
  • I will be giving out everyone’s tasks.
  • I will judge whether or not your character passes or fails a challenge, but really, if you RP that your character was successful then it will be a win. Don’t be afraid to fail though, you have a year in the RP to prove yourself. After all, I don’t expect people to win all the time.
  • I will post the day at the top of my posts, feel free to type up a full day or a partial day, depending on how much time you have, thus you can always come back to it later. Once everyone has completed their day, it will be the end of the day. (Perhaps it may be best to have something like 'End of Day 1' at the bottom of your post to make it clear). Once everyone's day is complete I will post a summary of challenges won/lost or pending (pending challenges being those challenges that may take one or more days). I'll do it this way so people don't get too much ahead.
  • If in the event that someone fails to post within 7 days of a new day post, they will be KIA (that is unless if there is a valid reason they cannot post to which they will be exempt for).
  • You will be given your first task upon my first post. Of course the challenges given will be relevant to your region that you are currently in (unless stated otherwise).
  • Some challenges might be against your own morals, you can chose to fail them purposely or not.
  • It takes about 6 days to walk from one end of the map to the other (in a straight line) non-stop (meaning the length is about 720km and that is if they were to walk non stop). Thus with the many impediments in the way, it will take longer.
  • The Harbinger is otherwise emotionless and indifferent to you, he is at this point more of a watcher (so you won't need to interact with him, that will be up to me).
  • Once the RP is underway, you cannot change your bag of supplies.
  • Items may or may not be given as a prize on the completion of challenges, though you may receive some items specifically for a challenge.
  • You don't need to complete a challenge in a day if you don't have a time limit, you can simply be in mid challenge and chose to end your day (to which the 'pending' would be used).

Sign up:



Age: (10-18)

Personality: (2 paragraphs minimum)

Appearance: (2 paragraphs minimum)

History: (2 paragraphs minimum) Be sure to mention your character's level of experience or lack thereof, so as to legitimize their prowess as a pokemon trainer.

Pokemon: (up to 6 of course, additional info on your pokemon is optional)

Preferred starting location number: 1-10

Bag: Everyone should have a sleeping bag, tent, a knife a stove and pot, a flashlight/torch and essential toiletries (you won't need to include these in your bag list as they will be there anyway). In interest of fairness there will be 30 open slots for pokemon related supplies and 10 slots for your own bare essentials, like food or other survival related gear. I realize people won't need to RP their character having to use/bring toilet paper, but you just have to remember that you're bringing a finite amount of resources. Make sure to include things that will ensure your survival, if not then those consequences you may encounter when RPing - just think of what "Lord of the Flies" did to the boys).

RP sample: (Just write something that concerns the day before being transported to the realm, essentially it is your day of preparing for the transport; your character will believe the telepathic message to be true. You won't need to copy and paste a previous RP. It doesn't have to be that long, just something I can idea for how you write).

RP rules:

- No God-modding or bunnying, you will all have set tasks, you don’t want to waste time
- Be respectiful of other members
- Quality is a bonus
- Try to stay as active as possible (the good thing about this kind of RP is that you don’t have to be around other RPers all the time too, leaving you to do what you would like).
- Have fun!

Current Roleplayers:

1. baseballa34657
2. Nakuzami
3. Pokemongarnet
4. Deathtolight
5. Lynette
6. ComiTurtle
7. Cirrus
8. Lilliana
9. Eeveemaster9

SU copies will be posted here for easy reference.
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