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    I really liked this movie. However, I do think that they should have added another hour to the movie and slowed everything down. It was a little fast but not TOO fast, so this con isn't really a problem. I think it will be better when you watch it on DVD commercial free since it seemed like this quick flow problem may have been caused by the commercial placement and amount of commercials. Just when I start to get into it, there is a commercial break after every eight minutes. Thanks a lot Cartoon Network. Anyone think that the commercials should have been placed at the end of the move in that fifteen minute time frame? Overall, it has two new awesome looking Pokemon-and one has a cute voice-and the animation looks great. I especially loved the violence. It is my second favorite movie now, after beating out Pokemon Heroes and sending it to third place and almost topping Lucario and the Mystery of Mew(My favorite movie of all time because it stars my favorite Pokemon). It also shot Zororoak up to my second favorite Pokemon and Zorua to my third. Pokemon movies get better and better. Why can't the animate the show like that? 9 out of 10
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