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    Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post
    Man, when I watched their farewell scene in the dub, I was so excited when their hands lingered for just a bit longer after their handshake...I was about to put my arms up in jubilation, but I bent back a finger in the process...ouch

    I'm more of an Orangeshipper myself :B Misty's gotta be keeping her desires in check somehow.
    =O I will have to watch this episode at some point. *is on-off when it comes to the anime* Their hands also lingered some back when they were splitting up in Hoenn/Kanto. *______* It was hand over hand, and Brock's was right over Ash's. And there was lingering.

    I'm an accidental Neglectshipper. I didn't find any recurring character that I thought had enough chemistry with her personally impressive. ...I used to be a Todd/Misty shipper, though. I had to keep her clear of Ash for--at the time--Gary.

    Okay, don't hate me for this, but I've also noticed a pattern in "shipping groups" and I've come to the conclusion that these groups are made for the sole purpose of driving everyone but Misty away from Ash. How many people do you know ship all of these?

    Which is natural. Ash certainly has more prospects than Misty, and all of Misty's prospects simply aren't threatening enough (Rudy, Danny, Georgio, Tracey) due to plot or divergence (Tracey's been shoved to Daisy and Oak enough that he can also be a Pair the Spare without bending canon backwards).

    If you can't multi-ship characters, the next best thing it to clear the road. If it takes a lawnmower, they'll do it.
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