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Here's the beginning of my SU.
I'm guessing our pokemon only get one of their abilities.
For the Bag, do multiple pokeballs and things like that take multiple spots or just one, like in the games and such?
Also, how would the Pick Up ability work? Would the pokemon just find things like food in this other world or would they sometimes find items?

Most of this is just a copy and paste job from Realm of Darkness XD


Name: Kris Kollyns
Gender: Male
Age: 13

Kris isn't the best when it comes to people. He is pretty anti-social and/or shy when around people. When he is around those that he does not know that are older than him, even if just by a little bit, he will usually keep his mouth shut and his head down. Though he is pretty good with little children and babies. When he is around adults he knows, he is a little more himself and and quite outgoing compared to when he's near those he does not know. When around people his age he knows, he is almost completely himself but still has those few things he keeps to himself.

He prefers pokemon over people and is very good with pokemon. They made up most of his friends when growing up since most kids either considered him to weird or too much of, meanie. Kris is also sometimes very easy to anger, which is another reason people didn't really get along with him. When not showing any of these quirks he is actually very smart and friendly, while also sometimes seeming like an idiot.

Kris has semi-long, dirty blond hair. The bangs come to a point and either cover his right eye or hang just above it. He has hazel eyes and stands at about five feet six inches while weighing about a hundred pounds. He doesn't look very strong, but is pretty strong and very agile.

Kris sometimes wears a black beanie hat that only allows his bangs to show. He almost always wears a hoodie, usually his black and white checkered one that is lined with black faux fur. Concealed by his hoodie(s) is usually either a dark red or blue or jet black t-shirt. He normally wears dark black jeans and jet black sneakers with a white skull design and brown soles on them.

When Kris was just born, he was matched with the egg of a Typhlosion. Ever since his great grandfather, his family has always had a Typhlosion in the family. Kris was the first since his great grandfather to receive an oddly colored Cyndaquil, which was an amazing honor. While growing up, Kris wasn't the best with people. There were few people he actually really liked and few people really liked him. Despite this, Kris always did well in school, except with maybe homework. He loved pokemon much more than he loved people, which helped motivate him to go on his adventure. By the time he turned ten and was ready to go on an adventure, Kris's Cyndaquil, Cinder, was already a Typhlosion. He was also able to understand Cinder and a little bit of other pokemon.

Kris began his journey in his home region of Unova, where he quickly obtained all eight badges and got twentieth place in the pokemon league. After the Unova league, he moved onto the Kanto league and Johto league. By the time he was twelve, he had all sixteen badges from the two regions and had placed tenth in the pokemon league. By the time he turned thirteen, he had placed fifth place in the Hoenn league and second in the Sinnoh league. He had entered the Grand Festival twice, and placed seventeenth and eighth in them.

He returned to Unova around the time the news of the end of the world came out. He didn't really believe the world was going to end, and was surprised when everyone made such a big deal out of it. He continued his journey still, met a girl named Luna who had defeated him in the finals of the Unova league when he had entered it again. That was about two months ago. During his journies, he met many legendary pokemon including Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Victini, and many more.


Typhlosion "Cinder"

Gender: Male
Personality: Cinder is a strong silent type. He is very protective of his friends and extremely protective of Kris. As he has been with Kris his entire life, Kris is his best friend and is his closest family. He doesn't 'talk' very often or complain or anything of the sort. He is extremely fierce in battle when he needs to be and can be extremely intimidating, but can also be a big softy.
History: The very first thing Cinder saw as he emerged from his egg was a human baby, Kris. He immediately walked over to it to investigate. Over the years this human would become his best friend and trainer. He had no idea why the family was staring and pointing at him, all except the boy who just hugged him. When the boy had turned five, Cinder had evolved into a Quilava, by the time the boy was nine, cinder was a Typhlosion. He protected the boy wherever he went, even at school, and especially on the boy's pokemon journey. He always made sure things were safe for the boy and never let anyone or anything harm him. He was basically the boy's bodygaurd, best friend and closest family member. He even taught the boy how to speak his language, which became very helpful.

Musharna "Dream"

Gender: Female
Personality: Dream is very calm and sweet. She is almost always silent and is very intelligent. She is protective of her friends is a very formidable opponent.
History: Dream was born in the Site of Dreams, like most Munna. She stayed there her entire life before she was confronted and captured in a strange spherical object by a ten year old boy. She helped the boy in many his quarells, or pokemon battles. She was part of the backbone for his teams in the pokemon leagues and by the time they had reached Black City, the boy had evolved her with a Moon Stone. She soon became a pokemon contest star and helped the boy through almost all of his contests and the Grand Festival.

Scraggy "Hood"

Gender: Male
Personality: Hood is somewhat of a clown. He thinks many things in life are funny and doesn't really understand when he is scolded for this. He is very good at cheering people up and can sometimes be a klutz. When in battle, he'll try to make the battle funny while also defeating his opponent. He can sometimes be an attention hog or maybe a prankster.
History: Hood was the clown in his colony. He was always pranking another of his kind, or sometimes humans foolish enough to try to capture him. He would mock them, defeat them, mock them some more and flee. That is until one ten year old boy somehow managed to capture him. The boy was nice, which was lucky for Hood or else he would not have been accepted by the boy. Hood went through many battles with the boy, and won a majority of the time.

Lillipup "Yorkie"

Gender: Male
Personality: Yorkie is and always has been a puppy. He is very energetic and playfull, and needs as much attention as possible. He has a short attention span and is always getting himself into trouble because of it. He is very agile and he hits hard in battle.
History: When Yorkie was just a pup, his entire family was captured by Team Plasma. He was saved by a young boy who then brought him along with him. Yorkie immediately felt the boy was a friend, and at first refused to leave the boy's arms, except when he really needed to. He wasn't battled very often at first since he was still a baby, but once Yorkie and the boy left their home region, he was entered in a lot more battles. He would always run around, annoy and confuse the enemy and then take it down. He has always lived a pretty domestic life, so he isn't very good at being alone in the wild.

Pidove "Valiant"

Gender: Male
Personality: Valiant is...Well, he's valiant. He is very proud and quick to pick a fight to prove his strength. He can be a bird brain sometimes and doesn't like it when he or his friends are picked on. He is actually quite strong and very fast. When not trying to prove himself, he acts a little childish and justs wants Kris to take care of him like a baby.
History: Valiant knew the moment he was born that he was destined for greatness. He knew he was the best in the flock, but he also knew this was him lying to himself. He had a low self-esteem so whenever he lost, he would seek out his mother and cry while in her embrace. He foolishly accepted to battle a boy that discovered him, and ended up captured. The boy turned out to be a good thing for him, the boy raised his self-esteem and helped him actually become good in battle. He was no match to the highly experianced pokemon in the pokemon league, so he was usually only entered in less risky battles.

Larvitar "Rex"

Gender: Male
Personality: Rex tries to pretend that he is proud and brave, but he is actually somewhat timid. He doesn't trust anyone but Kris and tries to hide most of the time. Only when he, his friends, or especially Kris is threatened will he take action. When he does take action, he is very strong and deadly. As soon as the action ends, he goes back to being timid.
History: Rex was an outcast among Larvitar. While all the other Larvitar were brave and tried to become as strong as their Tyranitar parents, Rex was timid and didn't do very well against the others in battle. One day he saw this very strange creature walking along a path on his mountain, so of course he went to investigate while sticking to the shadows. The boy must have noticed him because the next thing he knew, he was trapped in some kind of magical sphere. With the help of this boy, he became a little less timid, but disliked most other humans that approached him. He became a fairly good battler and braver than he had ever been, which was only a little bit braver.

Preferred starting location number: 7


Pokemon Items:
1) Pokeball
2) Pokeball
3) Pokeball
4) Pokeball
5) Pokeball
6) Full Restore
7) Full Restore
8) Full Restore
9) Full Restore
10) Full Restore
11) Escape Rope
12) Escape Rope
13) Honey
14) Honey
15) Pure Insence
16) White Flute
17) Net Ball
18) Net Ball
19) Net Ball
20) Max Revive
21) Max Revive
22) Max Revive
23) Max Revive
24) Max Revive
25) Full Restore
26) Full Restore
27) Full Restore
28) Ultra Ball
29) Ultra Ball
30) Ultra Ball

Other Items:
1) Box of Matches
2) Binoculars
3) Bow and arrow (:D)
4) Woven basket
5) Really big roll of Duct Tape
6) Flare gun [5 shots]
7) Nightvision/Underwater goggles
8) Journal
9) Water filter (not electronic)
10) Smoke bombs x10

RP sample:

You have been selected to represent humanity. You have one day to prepare all that you wish to bring.
For the next year, you will prove yourself... Failure to do so, will result in the extinction of the human race, and all those you love.
Be warned, this journey will not be easy ,and if you are to persevere with the challenges ahead, you will be cause to my appearance, do well and humanity survives.
I as the Harbinger, will be watching.
Be prepared at this time tomorrow...

I played the message over and over in my head as I packed. I know I didn't believe in the end of the world thing...but something told me I should prepare just in case. Besides, unless I was going insane, the voice in my head was proof of something. I had no idea what was in store for me, but I knew general supplies that I should pack. I stuffed my backpack until it was full and then selected my team from my PC. I sat on my bed, leaning against Cinder, thinking about what might happen.

Maybe this end of the world thing was true, but that also meant I had a chance to stop it. But why me? Perhaps I wasn't the only one...there had to be others. I would have a year to prove myself...prove myself how? Where? How would me proving myself stop the extinction of the human race? Who was this Hrabinger? These and so many otehr questions floated through my head. Cinder knew my mind was troubled, so he was laying with me in bed, trying to comfort me. I automatically stroked Cinder's fur as I kept thinking about what all of this meant. It was all so confusing and disturbing.

That night I explained everything to my family, before I decided to go to bed early. I layed back on Cinder and drifted off to sleep. My dreams were troubled in the beginning, until at one point I assumed Dream had done something to them and I could finally sleep in peace.

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