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Originally Posted by Frostik View Post
Immature audiences "can't handle homosexuality" because their parents won't want to deal with having to explain it. Bottom line. If kids are fully equipped to handle the straight, they can certainly handle the gay. It's social stigma that says otherwise.

Advanceshippers have more to fear from Contestshipping than Pokeshipping, honestly. Pearl only has two, really: Penguin and HeatTag. If Conway hadn't been introduced after Kenny, I'd be damn convinced they were trying to make him a love interest....which would have been fascinating. A regular trainer who only interacts with the coordinator in non-Contest situations? It certainly would have been different from May and Drew's subplot. I might have even come to love it!

If you draw enough comparisons to the series itself, a lot of Negaishippers are going to say the relationship between Iris and Ash is a reboot of the one Misty and Ash had.

That said, we don't have a good handle on any of the three Unova 'ships. We won't know what comparisons to really draw until maybe another half year from now.

Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do~

So being this of the time that FFN was /the/ place to go for fics, naturally, I went there to see if I could find anything. I wasn't surprised to find so little, but I was shocked at the lack of acceptance by the fandom BFNs (if you could call them that). Reading reviews for anything different was like an icepick being jabbed in your stomach. It was so closed off.
Explains my upbringing. *eyeroll*

The more they were showing Dawn and Barry together, the more I was beginning to like that ship. I think they had good chemistry together. Beats Kenny anyday.

…except that Iris isn't bossy around Ash nor does she push him around. We haven't seen that 20 episodes in. But this is way early in the game so it could change.

I don't remember if in Sinnoh it was the same deal. It was already circling with Ash, then as new characters started appearing the ships started on them.

Aw, I'm gonna miss that line! Back in the days when Sinnoh started...

On a sidetone, they need to fix-up that site. Looks outdated. More accurate ratings and organization would help.

Originally Posted by CommanderPigg
Nah, the Dawn ships seem to co-exist in relative harmony...except for some reason Pearl and Penguin during Kenny's last episode >_>

Man, when I watched their farewell scene in the dub, I was so excited when their hands lingered for just a bit longer after their handshake...I was about to put my arms up in jubilation, but I bent back a finger in the process...ouch >_>

Misty's gotta be keeping her desires in check somehow.
Well it was Kenny who screwed himself over and his ship. Maybe he'd have a chance if he kept his mouth shut and had some patience.

lol what, they did that like three times now? Why did this farewell feel so much more pronounced with the handshake than the other two? ;)

That makes Misty sound like a --.

I read AK47's entire post as something from a math textbook. Meaning, I was forced to skim over it. -_- No offense, AK, you're a smart guy.

Originally Posted by Jorah
I don't think Ash will end up with anyone by the complete end of the whole series. For him to, he'd have to have a huge personality change, and the writers dislike any permanent character development for him, it seems. It's just about him and Pikachu now. All anyone can do is have fun looking at "hints". Ash is going to live a long and full life - as a 10 year old - with his Pikachu, and no one else.~
But once the franchise starts showing signs of weakness (and I predict by 2020) then the writers would be forced to rethink their strategy. I get this feeling with every new series there's this buildup. It will lead to something great that will unify all past adventures and show Ash's transcendence into what he is. Wishful thinking, he grows up in the climax.

Originally Posted by AshPikastar
Exactly which makes things go a bit too out of hand sometimes when it comes to wanting something to happen the way you want it.

I still remember the Barry obsession over Paul Man I'm already missing DP.
And the moral of this story is don't read those cheesy, fluffy, Mary Sue/Marty Stu, overblown, disproportional, risque stories otherwise it will mind**** you and you won't be able to think straight for a few years. >_<

I will be missing D/P as well. It was a great series. Barry's one those at the top because he was entertaining all the time. Paul was the rival we should've had in Johto. Conway gets an honorable mention. Did I leave anyone else out besides Dawn's rivals?