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Originally Posted by RubyJB88 View Post
And the moral of this story is don't read those cheesy, fluffy, Mary Sue/Marty Stu, overblown, disproportional, risque stories otherwise it will mind**** you and you won't be able to think straight for a few years. >_<

I will be missing D/P as well. It was a great series. Barry's one those at the top because he was entertaining all the time. Paul was the rival we should've had in Johto. Conway gets an honorable mention. Did I leave anyone else out besides Dawn's rivals?

Oh yeah my friend had read a fanfic before for Megaman and he was disturb. Oh yeah Barry was/Is my favorite character which is why I'm going to miss him. I don't think you missed anyone else although it feels like you did.

I miss Twinleafshipping; Barry and Dawn had a few good moments on there.

Lol Brock x Aloe would actually be funny.