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Originally Posted by Regeneration View Post
The entire process of the formation of that equation is flawed.

Total number of possibilities = 2

Probability of NegaiShipping = 1/2 = 50%
Probability of CafeMochaShipping = 1/2 = 50%

Now that should satisfy both of you. =D
You may now safely ignore this post.
Have you no mathematical education above Pre-Prealgebraic Arithmetic and probability? o_0

Originally Posted by AshPikastar View Post

AK47: Why you have to put Math into all of this? The equation thing got me confused already XD.
As a man of Mathematics, I see math everywhere. I just barely decided to look at the mathematics of Shipping, which is a lot of interesting mixtures of logic and probability.

Originally Posted by Frostik View Post
Proof it's taboo in Japan to show ickle gay to a young audience, or your equation means nothing because it's based on the wrong logic.

And still not seeing how you jump from "(N=M) + (N=/= M) = (N > M)". That N's greater than M looks more pulled out the butt, simply on the standing of the taboo logic, which is flawed.
Prove it's not a taboo and prove the writers don't consider a global audience, wilst the implications that the writers do consider globaility are the Multicultural aspects of Generation V and $$$$$. Prove otherwise those two points and we'll talk.

You haven't completely proven the flaw in the logic. And I said the only two possibilities are N and M cannot be compared, or N =/= M, depending on the legibility of N < Pe < A < Pk, which both disprove N = M.

Originally Posted by Regeneration View Post

To hell with all this actually. Why are we putting in maths into shipping?
That's a very good question... deal with it XD
Originally Posted by AshPikastar View Post

I know right? I'm already getting a headache from it.
Spheal with it.
Originally Posted by Tachibana Azumi View Post
-reappears out of nowhere-

O_O Why the heck is math, of all things, involved? Reminds me so much of my probability math lessons, and I don't really like probability.

Don't know if this is discussed before, I found this ship called FlavescentShipping, and it's between Shooti (Trip is such a retarded name so I'm not calling him that) and Iris, apparently. OnO;;;
And then I saw that Trip's category is "Ships with Trip", aheheee /shot

And for some reason I'm starting to ship Dento/Iris (WishfulShipping) for some reason. *v* Their fanart is so cuteeeee <3

>__> Doesn't math make shipping more fun, though?

Doesn't sound convincing....


Originally Posted by Tachibana Azumi View Post
Now I wonder what AK would think of Cilan/Iris. C:
Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
Purple and Green mix into a crapish dark color.
There you have it.
Insert some Pokemon or Detective Conan related image and witty caption here.

If you talk mean about my Conan+Ai OTP I'll make you see the barrel of my coilgun