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    Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post
    Heehee, it even converted a few people
    Well Yah it should, I mean even none Yaoi shippers admitted some thing about that sceneXD

    Advancedk47 loves Math, that's why math is being used here though it doesn't help the future of ships cuz Pokemon isn't all about romance. Its about a guy and his Pikachu traveling around the world to be a Pokemon master. People ship for the heck of it, but only a few ships have sort of become canon at the end and not even really canon either. Lets look back shall we?

    Contestshipping=The most canon thing we will ever see in this series, we don't even know if they ended up together or not.

    Orangeshipping=People can argue or not but these two spend the most time together since Ash left them behind.

    So there yah go. Oh yah and Oak and Ash's mom, I have no idea what her age is though LOL. So we can go on and on about what ships have 100 % possibilty of being canon, facts are till the series end we won't know. Even than, like some one said Ash could end up alone and just still travel, trying to be a Pokemon master wouldn't that be crazy? I'd actually rather him be an E4 when he's adult but whatever. So yes, Negaishipping has just as much as a chance as happing as CafeMochashipping. I ship both.
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