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    Originally Posted by Frostik View Post
    You're the one you has to prove it to make your equation viable. Otherwise, I can simply go M > N and say, "Because I say so," since it's based on as much assumption as you're putting into your math. Which makes your logic flawed.

    You know, just saying. .... B > all, btw. Truth.
    Actually, P(aul)>All, assuming that Shinji's awesomeness equates to infinity

    And anyways, there's yet another contradiction in your equation; mainly because of your defining postulate, which you stated:

    Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
    Let's assume the argument that no or none of these two ships are possible, N=M=0. The only problem is that we never know the chances of a ship actually becoming canon. You are not a writer, and therefore you cannot claim a 0% chance on anything.
    And thus, the rest of it should have been null and void; and technically ALL shippings should have an infinitesimal probability (approaching the limit 0, of course ). And this is because!!:

    Originally Posted by PearlShipper4Life View Post
    Advancedk47 loves Math, that's why math is being used here though it doesn't help the future of ships cuz Pokemon isn't all about romance. Its about a guy and his Pikachu traveling around the world to be a Pokemon master. People ship for the heck of it, but only a few ships have sort of become canon at the end and not even really canon either. Lets look back shall we?

    By the way, Pearlshipper4life (can I call you Ashfangirl22, since that's who I know you as best? XD) your post is the one that made the most sense in this entire thread *applauds*

    Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

    Well, i'm sure the Aloe's boobs would be enough for Brock anyway.

    /Working on a Cafémocha Vid. ;D
    Forget her boobs! Her hips don't lie, man!


    Originally Posted by Frostik View Post
    That's no fun. Disturbing has way too much of a range. Disturbing could be anything from light Bass/Megaman fluff (simply because it's gay) to brutal rape of any character. ...Or genderbending mpreg. Or what I've written: Protoman/gijinka!Tango. It's hardly anything to go by in that fandom (any fandom).
    Hetalia fandom: Hair...cumming. Need I say more?
    And I swear, on google, I searched "May Pokemon" and I saw PORN of May x Missing no. My childhood was ruined.

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