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    How come instead of making guys like Scyther and Onix evolve at high levels you don't just make it so leveling them up once with a steel coat or whatever item the certain pokemon needs evolves them? Then it's more like the real games in that you can evolve it pretty much on immediate access to the item. For the original four- Alakazam, Golem, Gengar, and Machamp...there could simply be in-game trades. There is then no tearing apart the evolution system.

    And on a side note...Red's sprite. Zeikku's one bad sprite. Doesn't really look anything like Red, and makes him look like a dweeb.

    Also, to your above point about adding Gen IV and V moves...I think a much better investment would be to incorporate the physical/special split that was introduced in Gen IV. Would that even be possible?
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