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    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    There's not much to say without more information on the plot. It would be interesting to see a fic where a human turns into a Digimon, but that's not a lot to go with. If you mention what happens in the rest of your plot, then we can give you more help.
    Well, I hope you understand it since it involves in digimon, so this is most of it.
    Atina woke up being a Lopmon, not knowing why she did nor how or when she did. As she lives/experiences the life of a digimon, then she realizes how fun it actually is, and dangerous.

    The plot that drives the story is that when she became a digimon, somehow this affected a sovereign digimon, Zhuquiomon, into madness. Azulongmon, the one of the east and spring, makes his hench men to help her by letting her join to make other digimon not know of her existence and ruin the digital world, yet Zhuquiomon, driven by the sudden madness, wants to capture her via any means necessary.

    Theres more, but i'd give away too much. I got more background plots(if you call it like that).
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