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Insert symbol in Word or combinations like Alt + 0233 in other programs, and you can set up keyboard combinations as well for it, I'm sure. I personally just write it as Pokemon in word and then use the wonders of Find and Replace in Word.

At any rate... *sighs*. Just going to say even if it seems stuff is being resolved now that there is nothing wrong with only positive reviews, or only 'negative'/advice-on-how-to-improve reviews. As long as the review is constructive and says something specific about the poem (why you liked/disliked so-and-so a part and maybe how to improve it if it is the latter, for instance) and does not insult the author, it's fine, and far more useful than vague one-liners which are not allowed by fanfic/poetry rules. Certainly there was nothing wrong with Jax's review, so there wasn't any need to tell her to quit doing something which I can only describe as being helpful.

Now let's get back on topic on posting Pokemon-themed poems and reviewing them, please and put that discussion behind us in here.
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