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Another one of my older "Poképoems".
This is my only one to win the Poem of the Week contest before I became its host.

Lanturn's Pond
Written by: TJgamer

Whenever you fall asleep, or stare into space in thought,
You may imagine a new place, of a tranquil spot.

I think I may know a certain place that will satisfy you,
Just listen to me, and remember well what I'm about to construe.

When the sun goes down, and the sky is clear and black,
Walk to the edge of the wood, and don't turn back.

Trod deep into the wood, about a quarter of a mile,
Then stand still, and imagine the place for a while.

Try to hear the soft lapping of a soothing liquid,
Try to visualize the crystal clear fluid.

Now expand your mind to a greater extent,
Continue to do so till a hundred percent.

Then, you'll see there is earth surrounding the drink,
Keep it strong in your mind, and do not blink.

Now think of bioluminescent plants and fungi,
But remember, they are best seen when it's a dark sky.

The water helps keep the plants smooth and mellow,
And gives them energy to show colors, green and yellow.

It is such a beautiful pond, that almost seems to glow.
The reason is 'cause there is a Pokémon far below.

This Pokémon keeps the pond bright in the night,
It has power to keep the grove filled with light.

You may even see it submerge to the surface,
And see the Lanturn and its mighty purpose.

If it trusts the visitor, it will sing a song,
And it's Chinchou children shall rise and sing along.

Once you have all of this deep inside your mind,
Open your eyes, and the pond is what you'll find.

Now you won't need equipment, nor a reservation,
Just go there alone, and use your imagination.

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