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looking for a shiny mew
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    hi imintrested in your Cresselia ♀ Level 50 UT | Shiny: Yes | OT: Mat
    Nature: Timid | IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 | Ability: Sand Veil
    Moves: Mist, Aurora Beam, Future Sight, Slash

    i offer the list below..

    a shiny near flawless female totodile adament UT 31/31/31/10/31/31
    a shiny flawless japan ditto timid UT
    a flawless darkrai (event) timid UT
    a shiny flawless azumarill adament UT
    a shiny flawless relaxed mudkip UT
    a near flawless celebi timid eved Sp.Attack 252/Speed 252/Hp6 lv100
    a flawless shiny gengar timidevd Sp.Attack 252/Speed 252/Hp6 lv45
    a flawless shiny gliscor jolly evd Hp252/Speed252 lv100
    a flawless shiny dirfloon quiet UT
    a flawless mew modest Ut,evd Sp.Attack 255/Speed 255
    a near flawless shiny shaymin modest UT 31/1/31/31/31/28
    a near flawless shiny aggron adament 31/31/31/28/31/31
    a flawless shiny beldum UT adament
    a shiny flawless latios timid evd
    a flawless shiny latias timid evd
    a flawless shiny gabite jolly evd Attack252/Speed252/Hp6
    a shiny flawless togepi timid UT
    a near flawless shiny rotom timid UT 30/30/31/30/30/30
    a shiny flawless swinub adament UT
    a shiny near flawless feebas bold UT 31/30/31/30/31/31
    a shiny near flawless softboiled mew adament 31/30/31/x/30/31
    a shiny flawless smeargle evd Hp/Speed
    a near flawless shiny magnezone modest 11/29/31/26/27/29
    a shiny flawless arcanine adament evd Attack/Speed
    a shiny flawless timid mewtwo UT
    a shiny flawless shedinja lv23 (RC)
    a shiny near flawless lunatone bold 31/29/31/31/31/31 UT
    a shiny near flawless smoochum timid 31/11/31/31/31/31 UT
    a shiny flawless magmortar modest evd
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