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    Hello and welcome. I am Donnaclus, known on forums as "NatureKeeper". I have been using Game Maker 8L lately. After I finished the tutorial, I said to myself, why don't I try another style of Pokémon Gaming? I kept working and brainstorming until I came up with a plan. I codenamed it Project PokéBalaoia. The real name is going to be revealed by the demo.

    Name Specs

    Name: ????
    Codename:Pokémon: Project Balaoia
    Program\Language:Game Maker 8 Lite


    *A whole new style of Pokémon Gaming. Not like the main series, mystery dungeon or anything else! You get to capture Pokémon, then you keep them and battle with them like marbles inside your Pokéball.
    *Redo the whole Kanto Adventure in this style.
    *No navigation! Finishing the town's main events gives you access to the Route and Next Town.
    *Capture 151 Pokémon.
    *One 256x192 "Screen" with "Touch" Capabilities in some instances. Usually, Touch Capabilities are for buttons such as Yes\No, Choosing Location, etc..
    *Introducing Mirror PokéBalls (No Miror B. in this game so do not get your hopes up.) which when you capture Pokémon with you can use them from inside the Pokéball.


    * Navigation Keys, Z, X, A, S
    * "Touch" Screen
    * Probably Implementing the Joystick.


    Beta Screenshots

    Alpha Screenshots

    To-Do List

    * Battle Engine
    * PC Engine
    * Inventory Engine


    -Major -Minor
    * Text doesn't show in the Player's Room for some odd reason.


    * The Spriters' Resource
    * Magdiel for Textbox Engine


    *No releases as of now.
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