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    This is just a suggestion that may make things more complicated than they may need to be, but here it is: Variable length of the days by season.

    I'm suggesting it because I've lived in areas where daylight will last for about twenty hours during summer(Prince George, British Columbia, Canada), and it always felt like the cold would set in earlier and longer, with the nights lasting just as long during winter. I've also known people who've lived close enough to the equator that for most of their lives, they've only known one type of season, despite the calendar saying that its winter or spring. One thing that I've seen in the section "What makes a good ROM" is how realistic it is, and it would add a very realistic element to the game if it changed the length of the days for each season and changed the weather in the battle with each season (ex: if the climate was tropical, it would either be raining or sunny, likely with little to no variation on the length of days).

    Granted, it may be a little to hard to do the coding for, so I can understand if this suggestion is overlooked for now.

    Suggestion for how it could work if the idea is taken seriously: using something similar to the Header section of Advance Map, with the added option of Climate.

    I'm not very good at coding, but I am good at testing. I'll take a look at the most recent version of the D/N program and test it on a spare ROM if somebody can send me the link for it.

    Edit: Also posting the idea of length of days being able to change by season in the section entitled "Research: Seasons in Fire Red" started by Shiny Quagsire. This idea may also be more appropriate there.
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