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    Originally Posted by Rossay View Post
    Well I hope he's pro at GML then . He should do it with GM8P's Data Structure functions as that will make the task a bit easier. Also, I had a thought, couldn't you just rip the 3D models from the BW/HGSS ROMs and import them into GM? Might save you some time if it is possible o:
    Data Structures? I found them to be quiet slow as compared to 2-dimensional arrays. Besides, aren't these two the same:
    ds_grid_set(id, x, y, val);
    With the latter being not only faster but also less memory consuming. The only logical point to use a GM data structure is if you want to change all values in a region, which is not useful for Pokemon as well as that you can do the same with a for loop.

    Back to the topic, this game looks like it has potential. I remember playing the game that you posted on YoYoGames and I wondered how he made it so perfect. I always wanted an Emerald remake, especially in 3D. Your screens look nice as well. I also wanted to make a 3D overworld, but it just never turned out right for me. I could just never match the same angle and distance of the camera that DPPHGSS has.