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Thanks for the comment! I like the admins in Colo better, but I do like the wider selection of Pokemon in XD so I'm kinda torn about which is my favorite lol

Miror B.'s music is awesome in both though

Due to IRL issues, updates may be a bit slow, but be expecting another one around Thursday or Friday.

Here we go!

Let's Play Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

Part 3

As I'm working on leveling and purifying Pokemon on Mt. Battle, my Poke Spot radar goes off. Score! It's a Zubat, and its evolved form Crobat will make a very nice addition to my team. I immediately begin working on leveling it up. After awhile, I decide that I probably should get moving...

Pyrite Town Revisited

So, I'm finally ready to return to ONBS to speak with Nett... uh, oh, the big guy who guards the entrance isn't there and something doesn't feel kosher... He's inside the lobby area, knocked out. The receptionist is gone too, and I have a feeling who's behind all this... Sure enough, Cipher agents once again begin dropping from the ceiling to challenge me... There a few Shadow Pokemon to be had as usual, including Duskull, another Pokemon that I want to add to my main team. So, naturally that means leaving, going back to Mt. Battle, and purifying and raising it to around Lv29. Afterwar, I return to ONBS and finish cleaning house here, including their big man for this mission, Exol. He's holding the receptionist hostage while he takes back that data disc and erases the servers to remove all traces of what was on the disc. Well, naturally I have to clean his clock as well.

Victor vs. Exol

After the scuffle, Nett informs me that he managed to decode a bit of Cipher's plans from their data disc. One scheme involves Phenac city, so it's probably in my best interest to head there and warn the town mayor...

Phenac City

Well, my stay here is cut short... this really pushy lady gives me these Battle CD things and directs me to go to Realgam Tower. Apparently I'm the millionth visitor to the city, though I have no idea hw they keep track of these things. In any event, I can't get into town with her in the way, so looks like I have no other option...

Realgam Tower

Miror B.'s underlings, Trudly and Folly are here too, and apparently they didn't realize that the Pokemon on the Battle CD simulations were exactly that - simulations. Silly Trudly and Folly. Another person hanging by the entrance says he was also told he was Phenac's one millionth visitor. Since both of us can't be the millionth visitor, I'm fairly convinced something fishy is going on. Time to check out Phenac once again...

Back to Phenac

The lady by the entrance doesn't notice me, so I head to the Mayor's House. After procuring a music CD to distract the housekeeper who's just as pushy as the entrance lady, I make my way upstairs and find a note written by the mayor to someone named Justy. Cipher is trying to take over town by disguising their agents as townfolk. I barely finish the letter when the housekeeper confronts me, reveals herself as a Cipher peon, and attacks. Not that she (Exinn) is much of a threat. Nor is her partner who confronts me downstairs, but both do have Shadow Pokemon for me to claim.

After dealing with those two, I head out of the mayor's house only to see... six guys who look identical leave a building in the town center? They call themselves "Team Justy" but where have I seen this routine before? I do the logical thing... head into the building they just came out of and battle those within. Fostin, the third Peon within, has a Shadow Meowth that I definitely want to put on my main team (one time I saw this really cute girl on TV battle with a Persian and I was impressed). From here, I clean up town, battling fake townspeople and fake Justys alike, and using Meowth as much as possible to purify it. Once that's taken care of, I head into the city's stadium, where more Cipher riffraff awaits.

Well, well, well, if it isn't the young lady and the guy with the camera that I first spotted in Pyrite... along with this really bizarre looking guy dressed in purple and silver. Looks like they're doing a news story and Mr. Wierdo doesn't want to be captured on film. Once he realizes I've decided to crash the party, he sics his minion on me. After I take care of his pal Egrog, Snattle himself decides it's up to him to finish me off. Too bad he doesn't realize who he's up against...

Victor vs. Snattle

After being defeated, captured for posterity on film, and running off in comical fashion, Snattle drops the key to free everyone from the basement of the Pre Gym. There I meet Justy, Mayor Trest, and other Phenac citizens.

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