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    I've changer some of the bits for episode 1, chapter 1.

    Chapter 1:

    It was nighttime, Black Jack was sitting next to a window in a pokemon center of the Hoenn League stadium looking outside of the window, arms folded. A clock on one of the walls says that it was one oclock in the morning. Everyone was asleep, except him. He always suspected that someone or something might come out of nowhere and attack him.

    When morning came, Ash and the others visited the pokemon center; they were also with Cecilia, who acquainted with them after her battle with Black Jack. To their surprise, Black Jack and his pokemon were there, eating breakfast, which were a share of pancakes. Black Jack also had coffee; his Blaziken had small cups of Chinese tea while the others were drinking water.

    Black Jack? Cassandra said. When did you get here?
    I stayed here all night, Black Jack replied.

    Feraligatr and Nidoking were guzzling quickly and noisily through a lot of pancakes while the rest of Black Jacks pokemon looked on as they had small anime sweat drops on the side of their heads. Feraligatr gave a small burp, hoping no one heard or noticed.

    Pancakes? Black Jack offered. Theyre all right.
    Sure, everyone replied.

    Black Jack snapped his fingers. A waiter came by. Yes sir?
    More pancakes, Black Jack replied.
    Yes sir.

    In no time, pancakes were delivered to Ash and the others. Ash took a bite of one of the pancakes and quickly recognised the taste. My moms here! he yelled.

    Ash! a womans voice yelled.
    Mrs Ketchum? the others called (except, Black, Cassandra and Lao Ping).

    A woman with a red pony tail, pink jacket, yellow shirt, purple skirt, white apron and white high heeled shoes came out of the kitchen.

    Mom! Ash cried happily as he rushed over to her.
    Oh, Ash, Mrs Ketchum replied. Hows my little pokemon master?
    Things are going great, mom. What are you doing here?
    You think that I would miss your matches, hmm, even if you didnt even contact me? You naughty boy!
    Sorry, mom

    Ash placed his hand at the back of his head in embarrassment. Pika pika! Pikachu said.
    Mrs Ketchum looked down at Pikachu. I havent forgot about you either, Pikachu, she replied as she picked him up.
    Pikachu! Pikachu said happily.

    Black Jack had just finished off his last pancake. His pokemon hadnt finished theirs yet. Ill be out for a sec, he said as he got up from his seat. Ill be back for you guys.
    Wait, Black Jack, Ash called. You havent met my mom yet.
    Hi, Mrs Ketchum said. My names Delia.
    Hi, Black Jack replied as he continued walking away, hands in his jacket pockets.

    Why is he being like this? Misty asked.
    It must be because of his parents, Cassandra replied theoretically. Either they never treated him right, or worse.

    Black Jack walked outside the pokemon center. He was deep in thought about someone important in his life. A relative. A brother. John, he said quietly to himself. Should I call you?

    Black Jack gave a small smile to himself while he scratched his head. Suddenly, a womans voice called out to him. Mr. Black Jack.

    Black Jack turned round to see the nurse of the Pokemon center, Nurse Joy.

    What? Black Jack asked in a rude tone.
    A message for you, she replied.

    She handed the message over to him; he opened it and read it. At some point, his eyes widened with shock. His pocketed the message and hurried off.

    Where are you going? Nurse Joy cried.
    None of your business! Black Jack shouted back as he ran.

    Ash, Cecilia, Delia, Misty, Brock, May, Max, Cassandra and Lao Ping came running out of the pokemon center after they heard Black Jacks shouting. Black Jacks pokemon followed behind.

    Nurse Joy! Brock called.
    What happened? asked Misty. We heard a shout from Black Jack.
    I have no idea where hes going, Joy replied. I got a feeling that something bad is about to happen.
    Do you know where hes heading to? Lao Ping asked.
    I havent a clue.
    I have an idea, Cassandra said as she took out her pokeball. Go! Spearow!

    Spearow popped out of his pokeball. Spear!

    Spearow! Cassandra cried. See if you can find out where Black Jack is!
    Spear! Spearow replied as she flew away.

    As she flew around the Hoenn League village, she spotted Black Jack outside the arena talking to a man in a black suit. The man in the black suit allowed Black Jack to enter. Spearow flew back to the others.

    Back at Cassandras location, she spotted her Spearow flying back. Spearow, did you find him? Cassandra asked loudly, because Spearow was still in the air.
    Spearow! Spearow cried as she pointed at Black Jacks direction.
    Great! Ash replied. Lets go!

    Everyone, except Nurse Joy, ran to the stadium. Brock suddenly stopped and ran back to her. If its nothing, Brock said, while blushing and gently holding Joys hands. Will you date me tonight?
    Huh? Nurse Joy replied with confusion on her face.
    Brock! snarled Misty as she ran back to pull Brocks ear. This IS something and something tells me its something bad!!

    She ran towards the stadium again while pulling Brocks ear. All Brock could do was moan in pain.

    The man in the black suit spotted them coming. What do you brats want? he rudely asked.
    We want to know whats going on in there, Ash demanded. We saw Black Jack going in there!
    Black Jack was told to come here, the man answered. The reason is none of your concern.
    I dont think hes going to budge, Lao Ping said.

    Feraligatr, Nidoking and Tyranitar looked at each other and nodded. They decided to gang up and beat the heck out of that man. The man in the suit couldnt even defend himself against three of Black Jacks strongest pokemon as he lay on the floor with swirly eyes.

    I was mistaken, Lao Ping said looking at damage that the pokemon caused.

    Ash and co. ran inside the stadium and looked round to see Black Jack standing in the audience balcony with shocked eyes.

    Black Jack! Cassandra shouted. What are you doing here?

    Black Jack looked at a medium built man in with brown short hair and beard with blue determined eyes. He was a wearing a blue shirt, black trousers and brown shoes. He was holding a black briefcase.

    I asked myself the same question, Black Jack replied still with the shocked look. With a slight difference what is my brother doing here??
    More coming! Reviews please!


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