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    Originally Posted by minchan View Post
    Wait... you only JUST got that???

    I think I mentioned it a while ago, but I got that a while back. XD
    Well until recently, I was kid of poor because I didn't do the allowance thing or have a job.
    Plus, or maybe as a result, I don't go out and buy every chapter as it comes out.
    Especially when I can get online for free. :p
    Originally Posted by Pikapal642 View Post
    Also, I have some new stats ready, so if you want to change mine to the new names, here are some stats to go with it:

    Offense: 80
    Kido: 70
    Intelligence: 80
    Stamina: 100

    That should put me at 510 total. I boosted my Stamina and Mobility to the max since I figured the whole dancing theme would kinda make that necessary. I also boosted my defense just a tad. If you think it's unnecessary, I understand.
    Alright, that puts you on par with me, stat wise.
    Doesn't seem real objectionable to me; unless someone else has a problem with it?

    Here are some fixed-up BDCs.

    Originally Posted by Pikapal642 View Post
    Ahahaha, dead last in Kido. As to be expected. ^__^ Seeing him using Kido would be like Inoue using Shun Shun Rika to kill somebody. :0
    Well I don't quite like that, since it's supposed to be part Spiritual Pressure too.
    He's a beast, spiritual pressure wise. I would have liked it better if they had given him like 30 or 40 originally.