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About the PokéCommunity Chat
The PokéCommunity Chat is an official community area for members to get together and chat - just chat - and nothing but chat. A place to meet other members and escape the daily grind, sitting at your chair and bickering about your day, and just… chatting. We're not always going to chat about Pokémon, but hop in any time, especially when there's something that interests. You might find people talking about a topic of interest every now and then, so come in and… chat!

The chat's open to anyone and everyone! If you're IRC-savvy, you can join us at #thepokecommunity from! If you're not, just read on. If you don't want to read on though, but you've used the Java chat before, just click here and join, and talk your head off.

Questions? Comments? Post your feedback in this thread.
Chatroom Rules
The PokéCommunity Chat has three, simple rules and a few guidelines to go with it.

For all the small stuff that happens in the chat.

The chatroom is a live, general chat, and is not used for any specific purposes. (i.e. not a ROM hacking channel)
The chat is not the place to go for specific things such as battling, trading, or ROM hacking - it functions as a live, general chat for everyone to enjoy. Because of this, don't expect to find a matchup for a trade, or expect to have someone readily available to assist you in ROM hacking, as most of our regulars may not be interested. You cannot expect anyone to know how to have knowledge on any particular ROM hack, either.

Please follow the SystemNet rules.
The PokéCommunity does not own the SystemNet IRC network, so there are additional rules you'll need to follow, even in our channel. Failure to do so may result in a network ban - one that the staff of the chat will not be able to reverse.
Joining the chat
There are many ways to join the PokéCommunity Chat. The quickest and easiest way is to use the built-in feature of the community. Simply go to the Chat menu in the navigation bar and select "Open Chat". You may choose to open the chat in another tab to keep it around efficiently. Be aware that once you close the chat window, you're closing the chat and won't receive any messages from it until you enter the chat again.

The method we recommend is getting an IRC client - a program to help you log into IRC. Most IRC clients allow you to run the chat in the background, completely independent of the web browser you're using, and you won't have to log into the community to access the chat if you use a client. Once you've installed a client, accessing the chat is as simple as typing a few commands, or for some IRC programs, clicking a URL (irc://

If you wish to get an IRC client, we recommend:
Once you have an IRC client, the information you need to know is the server and the channel. You'll also be asked to provide a username and nickname - this can be anything (that isn't inappropriate) provided that it isn't taken. Your PC login won't work on the IRC network - you'll want create one if you come regularly, and this will be explained in detail later. The details you'll need to fill in your IRC client are:

Channel: #thepokecommunity
Nick: Anything you want. (No spaces or non-alphanumeric characters except dashes, underscores and backslashes)

A username is different from a nickname - it's also to identify you.
Chatroom Essentials
So maybe you just want to chat at the PokéCommunity Chat - and hoping you follow the rules, won't need to worry about these so-called essentials. But if you're a regular visitor, you might want to learn about some of the special features made available on the channel.

List of Users

To the right of the built in window, and generally to the side of a chat console window in other IRC clients, is a list of users in the current channel. This shows everyone in the channel, including channel staff, who are listed at the top in most cases.

Staff are listed under several different statuses:
Channel Founder: ~
Channel Admin: &
Channel Operator: @
Channel Half-Operator: %
Voiced: +

Any Half-Operator, Operator, Admin or Founder has authority in the channel, so make sure to keep in line with them. These positions identify the power that these chat members have. (Don't ask if you can be one.) The voiced user group is reserved for the community's frequent chatters. It allows them to speak if, when the channel is being flooded, the channel is set to moderation, where only voiced users and operators can speak.

Nicknames and registration

You're allowed to change your nickname any time. Simply type:
/nick NAME

Replace the underlined with the name you'd like to use. The name cannot contain spaces, or any non-alphanumeric characters other than a dash (-), underscore (_) or backslash (\). If your IRC client provides it, you can specify the nickname you'd like to permanently use, as well.

If you like your name and would like to reserve it, you can register your nickname. This protects it with a password so that others cannot use the same name - note that this is separate from your PC account password. When you want to register, make sure your current nick is the one you're wanting to register.

To register your nickname, type in the console:
/nickserv register PASSWORD E-MAIL

Whenever you use this name to login again, you'll receive a message from NickServ stating "This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise, please choose a different nick.", so type this command to login to your chat account. (You can also type "/identify PASSWORD".)
Terminology in IRC
  • CHANNEL - the chatroom its self is called a "channel", and in this case, our channel is "#ThePokeCommunity". When you see the word "channel", it means the chat room.
  • NICK - nickname, this is basically your username while using the chat. You can change it whenever you want, because just changing it doesn't register it (however you are able to register your nickname so other people can't use it, but we'll get to that later.)
  • OPERATOR - operators are the chatroom "admins", they can "op" (see next entry) people, "halfop" people, kick and ban people from the channel, and so a whole range of other things (such as setting modes) that will be explained later. People who have mode +o, +qo, and +ao on them are channel operators (modes will be explained later on), and they can be identified by the "@", "~", and "&" symbols next to their names on the user list.
  • HALF-OPERATOR - half-operators are chatroom "mods", they can do basic chatroom functions such as kicking and banning, and they can also set some modes. People who have mode +h set on them are half-operators, and are identifiable by the "%" by their names in the online users list.
  • OP / HALFOP - "op" is sort for operator, so when you see somebody saying something about getting oped or halfoped, it means being made an operator or a half-operator respectively.
  • VOICE - "Voiced" users are users who have the channel mode +v set on them, and they're identifiable by the "+" by their names on the user list. Voiced users have the ability to speak when the channel is set to mode +m (this will be explained later), and besides that, people who are regular users of the chat are often times given voice as a sort of status symbol.
  • CHANSERV - ChanServ is an automated "service" for the chat that helps operators control the channel, among other things.
  • NICKSERV - NickServ is another service like ChanServ, except its purpose is to help chatters (you) register your nick so other people can't use it, and also set various options on yourself for when you're chatting. NickServ will be explained later, as well as how to register your nick.
  • TOPIC - the "topic" is a sort of headline for the channel, it's shown at the top and it's shown when you first enter the channel. It usually contains random nonsense, but might include rules and links to the boards on occasion. Only operators and half operators can set the topic.
  • COMMANDS - basically everything you want to do in the chat (apart from straight-forward chatting) will be done via "commands", which you type out in the area where you usually talk. Commands always start with a /, and they do everything from changing your nick and using NickServ to private messaging (yes, the chat has a private IM system) other users and (for operators and half operators) kicking, banning, setting the topic and setting modes, and other things. A full list of common commands and how to use them will follow.
  • KICK - being "kicked" is, as the name suggests, being kicked out of the channel. Kicks are NOT the same as bans, the two are separate things, and there's a good chance that if you're kicked it may just be a warning to knock off whatever you're doing. If you're kicked, you may return to the chat at any time and rejoin the conversation, but you should pay attention to the "kick message" (most of the time there will be one) that you will see when you're kicked out of the chat that explains what you're doing wrong.
IRC Commands
"Commands" are how you control your experience in the chat. When you type a command, things happen. It's like magic! :x An example of a command is "/nick Orihime". If you type this in the chat area (without the quotation marks) your nick will be changed to whatever you typed. Take a close look at that example, because it tells you most of what you need to know about how to use commands. Commands are made in the chat by prefixing a specific "trigger" word (like "nick") with a slash ("/"), and then they're usually followed by whatever that command needs to know. In this case, /nick needs to know what you want to change your nickname to, and in this example we used Orihime. All together, that's /nick Orihime. One thing that's very important about commands is that you make sure there's no space before the slash ("/") in your text box, because if there is, the message will get sent to the chat instead of it being understood as a command. Below are some basic commands you'll probably use once in a while. The words with [ ] around them mean that you replace the ENTIRE thing (including the [ ]!) with whatever input is expected (for example, you would type /nick Orihime, not /nick [Orihime].)
  • /nick [NEW NICKNAME] - replace [NEW NICKNAME] with whatever you want your nick to be changed to. Nicknames in the chat aren't the same as usernames on the forums, it's very important to note the difference. You can change your nick as many times as you want with the /nick command, and it doesn't actually change any "registered" information.
  • /identify [PASSWORD] - replace [PASSWORD] with the password you have set to your nickname (if you registered it with NickServ.) Now, pay close attention to this part because it's very important if your nick is registered on the chat (NOT on the forums!) The chat and the forums use different passwords and nicknames, the two are totally separate. (I'll explain how to register your nickname next.) The /identify command is basically a "log in" command, it makes it so that the chat knows you own your nickname and it doesn't kick you off of it. If your nickname is registered, then every time you connect to the chat you will need to use this command to log yourself in. (No, there's no way to "stay" logged in other than leaving the chat open even when you aren't chatting (this is called idling, and it's encouraged) Don't worry, when you use this command (as with ALL commands) the message isn't sent to the chat, so you don't have to worry about your password being shown (so long as you make sure there are no spaces before the slash ("/"), as I explained above.)
  • /nickserv register [PASSWORD YOU WANT TO USE] [YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS] - this is how you register your nickname on the chat, this is DIFFERENT from the forums. This is essentially creating a new "chat account", and by registering your nick you have the option of making it so that other people cannot use it (and thus make it impossible for people to impersonate you.) When you use this command, make sure your current nick is the one you're wanting to register. If you register your nick, you'll recieve a message similar to "Notice: NickServ ( [email protected] ) This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise, please choose a different nick.", don't worry about this, it's normal, it just means that you have to identify by using the /identify command (which I explained above.) Note that in this message, it says to type /msg nickserv identify [PASSWORD]. This is an alternative way to identify, but /identify [PASSWORD] will do the same exact thing and it's less hassle to type.
  • /nickserv set kill [ON/OFF/QUICK] - this command can only be used if you have registered your nick, and it's a sort of "preferences" command, meaning you only need to set it when you want to change the option, otherwise it's set forever. The three options are ON, OFF, and QUICK. By turning this ON, it will make it so that other people cannot use your nickname. If they change to it when you aren't online, they'll get a message about having about a minute to change it or it'll be changed automatically. If you set this option to OFF, then it disables this feature. If you set it to QUICK, then the time limit is changed from a minute to 20 seconds. Basically, this means you only have 20 seconds to use the /identify command or your nick will be changed.
  • /quit [MESSAGE] - this is another way to leave the chat. You can enter a message to display if you'd like, but it's optional. It's easier to just close the window when you want to chat (since you will have to do it anyway), but /quit works too.
  • /join #ThePokeCommunity - you can use this to rejoin the chat if you've been kicked out. When you're kicked out, you'll see a new window with a bunch of garbled text that won't mean much to you, as well as a "KICK: You have been kicked out of #ThePokeCommunity by soandso (Reason)" message. In this case, you can rejoin the chat by typing /join #ThePokeCommunity.
  • /invite [USER's NICK] [CHANNEL NAME] - this will "invite" a person to whatever channel you specify (since you're reading this chances are that'd be "#ThePokeCommunity".) The /invite command will very rarely be needed, but I figured it'd be a good idea to put it here for reference just in case.
  • /msg [USER'S NICK] [MESSAGE] - this is the command for starting a new private message with somebody on the chat. Note that [MESSAGE] is only the "intro" message, and that after you send this command a new window will open which will work like a normal chat, except only with the person you /msg'ed. (This means you don't have to type /msg whoever Reply back and for a bunch. xD)
  • /ignore [USER'S NICK] - if you're getting annoyed with somebody, you can use this to ignore all messages from them. To take them OFF of ignore, the command is the same except with a "-" in front of their names, like /ignore -Soandso.
We'll be awarding emblems for activity in the chat. These will change - more will be added every now and then.

Not in for the Coffee
This member frequently comes to #thepokecommunity. Something tells us that it's not for a latte.
Green's Chatty Gossip Award
This member chats. A lot. At #thepokecommunity. And? That's probably a good thing - even Green agrees.
Ascended Noob Like Me
This member has entered #thepokecommunity, stayed a while, and chatted like crazy. He's probably more like an ascended Youngster, but he's not quite Green.
Limited Edition Green Mint
This member joined us on our relaunch of #thepokecommunity. Thanks for being there!
Not in for the Coffee
Our specially trained chefs ops have noticed that this chatter has dominated our chatroom (#thepokecommunity) stats. Congratulations!
The 1000-line Order
This #thepokecommunity chatter has said over 1000 lines at the chat. Talk about an active chatter!
Limited Edition Get-Together 8 Mint
This member joined us for a healthy discussion in the Get-Together 8's IRC Chatterbox!

Limited Distribution! Given only during the Get-Together 8 to active chatters!

mIRC setup guide
For the Windows users, because mIRC is a little complex, this is a guide for working with it if you use it as your IRC client.

After you install mIRC, and open it, this will open:

Fill in the appropriate information.

Next, click Servers.

Click Add New Server

Fill in the Information.
Click Select.

It'll take you back to the main screen.

Now, Click Options. [under Connect]

Click Perform.

Check the box that says Enable Perform On Connect

Click Add.

Select SystemNet and click okay.

Type in the following information, replacing the password bit with the password you registered your nickname with.

Click the Lightning Bolt.

Be sure to allow access.

Uncheck "Pop up favorites on connect".

Other information to be added:
If you want to have multiple nicknames, change your nickname to the new name, and type:
/ns group mainnickname passwordofyourmainnickname
Colloquy setup guide
Colloquy is a Mac-designed IRC app that's designed to be simple to use. Follow this guide to set it up to access the PokéCommunity Chat.

Once you've downloaded Colloquy, open it. The first thing you'll see is a "New Connection" box.

Expand the "Details" popup to expose some extra fields to put information in, and fill in the fields accordingly:

Nickname: This can be anything you want.
Chat Server:
Username: This is an identifier. It can be the same as your nickname but isn't really going to matter too much.
Password: Once you've registered your nick, you can put the password here.
Real Name: This doesn't have to be your real name, but it's a way for people to identify you.
Join Rooms: #thepokecommunity

You may choose to select "Remember this connection" if you want to keep the server in your Connections list.
Click "Connect". You will have successfully connected to the PokéCommunity Chat!
Mibbit setup guide
Mibbit is the simplest to set up - there's no download required, and you can get started just from following these instructions.

Go to From there, the following screen will display:

Click on "Server" so that it is highlighted in purple. The form should now look like this:

Simply fill in the details so that they match this screenshot. To elaborate:
Server address ( This is the server you need to connect to - it's where our channel is located.
Nick: This is your nickname. You can use your own PC name, but you don't have to. A nickname can consist only of alphanumerical characters, dashes (-), underscores (_) and backslashes (\). It cannot contain spaces.
Channel (#thepokecommunity): You need to fill in this detail to connect to us, too.

Click Go, and enjoy!