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2nd generation portion of challenge complete. Will move on to Hoenn soon.

Alright, so beginning the Johto portion of my ultimate solo challenge with Arctic the Dewgong.

*Named myself Inferno, went to Mr. Pokemon's house after choosing Totodile, etc. The normal stuff.
*After doing all of that, I go and catch my Seel (can't obtain until Whirl Islands, and that is far too late in the game)
*I headbutt my way to level 10. (I can't learn anything good until Aurora Beam at level 16.)
*I take down Falkner at level 14. I go through Union Cave, learn Aurora Beam, and take down Team Rocket in the well.
*Bugsy is defeated at level 21. Arctic is having an easy time with everything. I defeat my Rival.
*At level 24, nearly 25, Arctic defeats Whitney. On to Morty!
*After training Arctic to level 34, it evolves into Dewgong. When that happens, I defeat Morty.
*I travel through the Lighthouse, and then go to Cianwood. I am sure to get the Secretpotion, and defeat Chuck. Arctic is at level 39.
*Arctic OHKO's all of Jasmine's pokemon. She's at level 40 at this point.
*Arctic is nearly at level 46 when she defeats Pryce. I get a call about suspicious radio activity...better check it out.
*I clear out the Radio Tower, and proceed.
*Ice Beam totally wrecks Clair's team. Arctic is just destructive at level 54. I save at this point and call it a day.

*next day since I can't double post*

*Pokemon League is defeated easily at level 61.
*Red is taken down at level 74.


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