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Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
Nice selection of music, Haseeb, but the cave entrance has a tile error (it needs a layer of mountain above the entrance). I'll have to get myself to play the Alpha soon, btw. :D

you need to map for me ;o;
Is that really a tile error?
I'm sure there are maps which have caves done like that. Or maybe I'm wrong.
I made you a map. You just didn't have the awesomeness to use it. :3

Originally Posted by Chimchar 9 View Post
Hey, great job! I wish Sappy would work on my laptop.
Anyway, good luck with the hack! :D
Thanks. :3

Originally Posted by Joey's Rattata View Post
I discovered an error in the script. Upon defeating this Rocket grunt and talking to him again, his dialogue just goes off the screen...

Other than that, though, I really like this hack. Interesting how despite being a FireRed hack, you're using mostly Hoenn Pokemon.
Thanks for that.
And yeah, I use mostly Hoenn Pokémon because I'm not that fond of Kanto Pokémon anymore, and I hate the Johto Pokémon's movesets. :3

Azure Road

So this is the final map you go through to get to the next town where there's a rocket event. :3
It's a fairly small map, but there's a sidequest here which will reward you handsomely. :3
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