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    Originally Posted by Silver25 View Post
    They are not canon to the tv show (with the exception of Pokrmon 2000). They are also not related besides the main characters, but the first 2 movies in the Sinnoh saga of movies were related (The Rise of Darkrai, Giratina & The Sky Warrior, and Arceus and the Jewel of Life).
    You cannot prove that. There is actually a lot of evidence pointing to the movies being canon. If anything, Pokemon 2000 isn't canon because Ash never recognized an Articuno after that.

    • Movie 1: Over the course of a couple episodes Mewtwo was seen breaking out of the lab and battle footage at Giovanni's gym can be seen. Furthermore, the film used footage of the amazing Gary Oak battling Mewtwo.
    • Movie 5: Ash immediately recognized Latios in the Sinnoh League. The only time Ash met one of those was in this movie.
    • Movie 7: LaRousse city is Drew's hometown.
    • Movie 8: Ash's aura abilities from here have been mentioned in a few episodes.
    • Movie 10: Dawn bought a Lunar Wing in the movie that later appears in the normal anime.
    There's more evidence for the movies being canon than not.

    Right now I'm expecting this to be the second Unova movie. We'll probably get another trilogy again. They're being released so close together though, so maybe they'll both be short. <_>
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