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Originally Posted by Pikapal642 View Post
Yeesh, I thought you had 530 as a total or something...I feel it's a little bloated now. XD I hate to be a bother, but could Stamina and Defense be taken down by ten each? I don't think I should be on par with the Captain Commander. XD/
I think it was 520 before I changed the charts this time.
But sure, I can change it. It'll be up here soon, along with Graceful's.
Aizen is on par with Yamamoto, and Unohana is only like 20 points behind them. :p

Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
I know it's not really on topic but wouldn't have you lot wanted Orihime's power to have been developed a lot more. It might just be me but the basics of it seem a lot more interesting than Chad's. Perhaps Kubo wanted to keep her as the 99% useless character there to play the captured princess, meh.
I'd like for her to become a little more adept with her powers too.
I don't care if she doesn't get any new abilities, but I just want her to be a bit stronger.
But we don't know if she got stronger or not yet.
I'm still interested in seeing how Chad's powers have evolved.