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Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
Okay, so yesterday, I decided to try some music hacking, and I found I could get Sappy to work. So I decided to rip some music I like and put it into Stardrop. :3

New Music

Just ignore the locations I'm in; this was an on the spot music test.
First theme - Verdanturf Town from Emerald.
Second theme - The hidden Crystal Pokécenter theme in Emerald.
Third theme - Pokémarts in Emerald.
Fourth theme - Lavaridge town in Emerald.

I will definitely be using these themes, but I'm not sure if I'll insert anymore music. I hope you like them. :3
It sounds like you need to do some voicegroup editing. Some of the instruments in the third & fourth themes sound a little odd.

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