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Ugh...the last episode of the Diamond and Pearl Generation, and of all Pokemon it just has to remind me of BLISSEY.

Originally Posted by Hiiro View Post
I've wanted to get this off my chest for so long now, but why? Why did they have to change the episode's title? "Memories are Pearl! Friendships are Diamond!" was so perfect, it shouldn't have been touched. "Memories Are Made of Bliss" is just so, it has no deep connection like the Japanese title did.

Other than that, the episode was satisfying for the final episode of Sinnoh.

Also, did we finally get the definition of a Pokémon Master? One who competes in the Championship League and successfully defeats the region's champion.
Hmm...personally, I was wishing for the title "Diamonds Are A Pearl's Best Friend". It's punny, and it captures part of the original title's meaning. I have to agree, though, using the original title would have been very fitting, as it doesn't really need a pun to express the intended meaning. "Memories Are Made of Bliss" could easily have been saved for a future episode that deals with memories/bliss, but instead they had to waste it on this episode that had two amazing title alternatives. Such a shame...

I didn't have a chance to watch this episode, so I can't comment much... I did hear that they cut something out in the credits that was present in the original Japanese version, which is annoying me.

My definition of a Pokemon Master remains firm: a Pokemon Trainer who has captured all the Pokemon currently known in his or her respective PokeDex. Anyone who conquers the Pokemon League (Gym Leaders, Elite 4, presiding Champion, and Frontier Brains to an extent) is called a Pokemon Champion. Tough and elite Trainers are just...tough and elite Trainers (The CoolTrainer and Ace Trainer titles work as well).

I'm going to miss Dawn, though...and I haven't even gotten to meet her in Generation 4 yet! This sucks. And I haven't properly challenged Brock in FireRed and HeartGold either...

Well, goodbye, Brock. You gave us a good run over the past few years, ever since your Onix first clashed with Pikachu in Pewter City Gym back in the Original Series... I hope you become a doctor one day. And I hope you actually get to breed something in your lifetime. I'd say for you to tell us how it goes, but I really don't think I want to find out.

And at last, farewell majestic Dawn. :cer_love: You endeavored to win ribbons, train Pokemon, and remain very hot, all while managing your starter Piplup who kept on bothering you outside its darn Poke Ball and tried to be Pikachu. Kudos for multi-tasking. Keep on being cute, and we'll see you in that DP Special...eventually! Remember to take care of Pachirisu!

FortuneShipping FTW.
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