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    I figure I'll post the stats I want now...

    I'll change them around from what I requested before, because my "stamina" is lower than my "physical strength"... =/ (I'm strong but I don't have as much stamina as strength... They're kinda different. XD)

    Anyway here's the updated stats:

    Offense 100
    Defense 80
    Mobility 70
    Kido 100 (THIS AIN'T CHANGIN'!!!)
    Intelligence 90
    Stamina 80
    Total: 520
    I know it LOOKS high but it's harder to lower things with the phys. strength to stamina switch... (I would have changed the stats around differently had there been no switch. LOL) I had to incorporate the ability to throw heavy items really far somehow and I did it in offense instead of "physical strength" because that category no longer exists.

    ...Just wondering, am I allowed multiples of 5 (that aren't multiples of 10) or not?

    Just let me know *if* this is acceptable... I know it's probably a tad too high but...

    Anyway let me know, and I'll come up with something. But let me decide what to lower, if anything has to be, okay? thanks. XD