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    Offense: [80]
    I'm quick at chasing down opponents and using my reflexes to attack multiple points at once. My style of wearing them down with constant attacks and combination of strategies, uses this heavily, but not enough to be inflexible.

    Defense: [60]
    Against fighting multiple opponents or a foe with a with greater skill, I mainly try to out think and out maneuver them. So don't really have the need to block, but I can if I'm forced to, my reflexes being my saving grace.

    Mobility: [100]
    I focus heavily on this, on my attacks, counterattacks, dodging and chasing down opponents. I also depend on this to make up for my low defenses.

    Kidou / Reiatsu: [100]
    My zanpaktou runs on this, so obviously it would be what I'm best at. I use Kido in battle alot as well, so that is just another valid reason.

    Intelligence: [100]
    I hang around Ilp and Arc, I refuse to be the stupid one, so this is also a given. If you must know more reasons why, (CoughILPCough) then I'll give you more information.

    I studied psychology so I basically have a psychological warfare with my foe, breaking down everything they believe in and stand for until they lose the will to fight, or even live depending on how much I mess them up.

    Again, I hang around Ilp so Science is a given, but mostly on thermodynamics and the effects my fire and smoke from it can be used to their fullest potential.

    ...move along, there is nothing else to see here. That you need to know about.

    Stamina: [70]
    I'm full of energy so I can fight for a long period of time. I can fight wounded, but I mostly depend more on my force of will and endurance in slug-fests (Long Battles with hit after hit being thrown.).