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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
It sounds like you need to do some voicegroup editing. Some of the instruments in the third & fourth themes sound a little odd.
Yeah, I found that some of the R/S music sounded strange. I'm using a custom made voicegroup for the music, and I'm sure most the instruments are there. I'll look into it though; chances are I missed a synth instrument. :3

Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post

1. this looks route 37?
2. is the sign suppose to be in the tree

<3 love the hack either way :3
1. Yeah; it does from that shot, but not from the other parts of the map. Route 37 was actually my inspiration for the map.

2. Yeah, I made it like that. It's not meant to be in the tree, just in front of it, but not on the path. I'll may change it; I may not. :3

Spring Town

There's a rocket event here, and the Pokémon move maniac and move deleter live here. :3
Plus, there will be an opportunity, for the first time in the game, to get an evolution stone. Which one, though, depends on your luck.
Pokémon Stardrop
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