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    The crazy is mostly with Nightmare, only because he is insane, ANYWAYS.

    LOL, I just realized how much of a field day the paparazzi is going to have due to the fact that Miharu (The Kanto Champion) is trapped in a city FILLED WITH ZOMBIES AND A VIRUS THAT COULD TURN SOMEONE INTO A ZOMBIE! XDDD And Miharu could also use her incredible connections as well as her own power to get out. XD Not much the army can say to one of the most powerful (at the current time) trainers in the world.

    Army: Oh, sorry, ma'am you can't leave.

    Miharu (putting on her champion look): Everyone here may be in the army, but I have important business to take care of back in Kanto. Unless the army wants the Pokemon League Board on their arses, the army should let myself and my friends go.

    Army: Uh...uh...

    Miharu (raises an eyebrow): Exactly. (walks out of Balice City)

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