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    Here's some creenshots of the 2nd minigame:

    How it works:
    By repeatedly clicking on the charge buttons, the respective Pikachu charges the bar in front of it. When your not clicking on it, it gradually loses it's charge. Pokemon will be coming from the left, heading directly towards the bars and Pikachu. If the particular bar isn't charged enough, then the Pokemon will get past and damage Pikachu, or if it is charged enough, then the Pokemon 'evaporates' into points so to speak.

    Different Pokemon have different speeds, and require differing amounts of charge to defeat. For example, Gyarados is extremely fast but doesn't require much charge due to his double-weakness / Dragonite is medium speed, but due to his Dragon-type negating his Flying weakness, he requires a lot of charge to defeat.

    Also, each Pokemon has a random chance of being catchable. To catch them for bonus points, you have to repeatedly click them - which can be difficult if you need to be charging a bar at that particular time.

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