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    Well it has to be higher than the other club because I'm a different rank. =P


    Offense 100
    Defense 70
    Mobility 70
    Kido 100 (THIS AIN'T CHANGIN'!!!)
    Intelligence 90
    Stamina 80
    Total: 510


    Offense 100
    Defense 70
    Mobility 60
    Kido 100 (THIS AIN'T CHANGIN'!!!)
    Intelligence 100
    Stamina 80
    Total: 510

    How bout one of those? (BTW I would like 100 intel because I am a pretty analytical thinker and I usually formulate a plan to anything before really doing it... The only reason I have a 90 on the first request there is because ILP got mad at me before. =P I mean I don't care THAT much but... XD)

    Actually I have one more way I *could* make my stats...

    Offense 70
    Defense 60
    Mobility 50
    Kido 199 (LOL)
    Intelligence 80
    Stamina 60
    Total: 519
    (Okay that one was just a joke... sorry. XD) But I don't suppose you can make me one like that for fun? Not as official but... Hahahahaha I'm sorry. I just think kido is awesome and stuff so... yeah... XD