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Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
I'm revising most trainer levels and lineups as I work through the game. I haven't really worked on them that much, but when I play through the game during the final test, they'll be done properly. :3

And yeah, the alpha was TOO easy. I found that I had level 27s by the second gym. 0_0
Really? I thought the high level buffer was a good thing, seeing as how high you made the levels in the gyms.

I had a team consisting of:
Marshtomp lvl26
Noctowl lv21
Zigzagoon (Pickup~ <3) lvl17
Beautifly lvl13 (filler)
Tailow lvl21
Sunkern lvl18

And I still had trouble on the gyms, and just getting through your long routes. If anything needs to be changed, I'd say make the levels more realistic. The first gym has to be the highest I've ever seen, and it's such an early point in the game.

Although if you are going for hard, I'd say increase the levels on the second gym. The first gym was harder compared to the 2nd gym, which I found disappointing.
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