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Originally Posted by Dark sandslash View Post
its not matts? i never said it was haha but ugm what would you take then i realy need this? and also mines flawless 31 ivs in everything
The Infernape I have is the same (Shiny/Flawless. Please check my want list.

Originally Posted by Mozarch4 View Post
I can give you this for the shiny growhlite and shiny spiritomb

Darkrai [NN Epiales] Lv. 67
Quiet Nature

or an event jirachi with the move draco meteor
I'm not really interested in event pokemon and I already have 2 Darkrai.

Originally Posted by DragonFoxStar View Post
I'm interested in a Shiny Raikou. What do want in return?
Please check my Want List.
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