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    Since one of our RPer's inactive, we can have one MORE SU. If the inactive one is still, well, inactive when there's a new SU, he will be kicked.

    Lucario and the return of Pokemon (Lucario and Arceus's Plan)

    Approved: Aura.Lucario, rlyn99, pokemongirl1, Charzeon, Titan.Justin, Jira-Chan, Hi-Techneon, Totodile12345, Wasen, daveyp1997 (inactive)

    Anti-Heroes (aka Traitors) - Aura.Lucario (Lysander Chase), Titan.Justin (Richard J. Hope), Jira-Chan (Midnight Avery Sparkle), Hi-Techneon, daveup1997 (One Pending Space left)
    Heroes - rlyn99 (Lionel), pokemonGirl1 (Lucy Glaze), Charzeon (Sara Goodman), Totodile12345 (Silver Odile), Wasen (Aeon Ark)(FULL)

    There will now be 5Heroes/5Traitors instead of 6Heroes/3Traitors due to imbalance!Read Details below. And 'traitors' will be called 'anti-heroes' from now on, to make it sound better.


    This is the Sinnoh Region. But the exciting days were over. Ash left Sinnoh more than thirty years ago, in order to continue his Pokemon Adventures. Without his presence, the popularity of Pokemon dropped massivly, and as a result? People started to forget some of their closest Pokemon friends, and sat in front of their computers, typing their heads off day and night. The new generation of kids and teens didn't know what Pokemon is at all, their parents won't even bother telling them about these out-of-date toys.

    But then Arceus, the creater of the Pokemon universe, didn't want this to happen. He wanted people to REMEMBER pokemon, to treat them like their soulmates, not some kind of old-fashioned 'toy'. He placed different pokemon from the pokedex into the original, red-and-white pokeballs, then sent them to every child's bedroom. Arceus thought that the Pokemon age would go on. Children and teenagers of all ages, from five to almost twenty, would find a pokemon waiting for them, quietly and peacefully, waiting for their masters to take them away and train them like the old days, where trainers would still go around the world, going to gyms, completing their quests.

    Arceus's plan worked splendidly. The children even went to school with their pokemon. Tournaments appeared in every corner of the region. The Pocket Monsters had returned. But this grabbed someone's attention. That's right folks, Team Rocket. 'What, those buffoons and their meowth?' The thing is, since Ash left thirty years ago, It was time for the trio to retire. Three young apprentices of Boss Cyrus were hired to continue the job. This was a good chance for them to start their plan. And they started to think big. Capture Arceus. With what? With what he had created - his own Pokemon. The only thing that could stop them, is a unique Aura, only found in Lucario.

    You, in the roleplay
    You and nine other people, age 12 to 18, go to the same school - Jubilife High School. You each will find a pokemon (non-legendaries) in chapter one. This will be in chapter form. Unfortunately, Five of you will go on the dark side, and will be the apprentices of Team Rocket, and to RULE THE WORLD. You will be friends, but some would be enemies. You may help the others, you may change sides. It is up to you, my fellow Roleplayers. The ending, is also for you to decide.

    There will be :
    Five Heroes - the six who will try to save Arceus and stop the Team Rocket.
    Five Anti-Heroes - the four who will befriend the Heroes. But after that they will leave the 10-man team and go to Team Rocket. They WERE in the hero team, but they left, for various reasons.

    Choose your destiny!

    In the story, rlyn99 will be Lionel, the lucky boy who gets a Lucario in chapter one. The Lucario's aura is needed to stop Team Rocket, so heroes, act fast! Team Rocket Apprentices, stop them before it's too late!

    Name: (first and last)
    Gender: (male/female)
    Age: (12-18)
    Role: HERO/ANTI-HERO (see above for more deatails)


    Personality: (how do you react in different situations? how do people treat you and how do you treat them? what do you like/dislike?) - at least 1 -fat- paragraph.

    History: Tell me about your past. At least a few sentences?

    Looks: (clothes, hair, body style, accessories etc.) - at least one fat paragraph as well.

    Starting Pokemon, nickname, gender and his four skills: (where you'll find in your chapter one. You can only have ONE pokemon companion in the story)

    1. no godmodding or bunnying
    2. no getting carried away
    3. no flaming
    5. No arguing about the way we write
    6. Inactivity of more than one week without notification will result in dismissal (except if you have a good excuse for it)
    7. we are always right
    8. if we are wrong see above
    last two are jokes

    if you have any questions (there'll probably be some.) please ask me, or ryln99.

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