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Originally Posted by BHwolfgang
^ I never said this before, but I want to love your graphics. :]
You've really improved since last year, Vikalp.
I'm so glad to hear that coming from you, Borey. I'm flattered. <3

Originally Posted by Abnegation
Dude your colouration on the LP, icons and some of your latest banners is beastly, especially the Sonic one. However, to improve your work I'd recommend doing more tags with renders and real people stocks, and work with using more effects and the likes to further increase your ability. The Nero tag is rather good, though the effects I think should be more compact around the focal rather than lashed around the tag to fill space. Also try working with burning at dodging areas more. Burn the edges of tags when necessary for example. Sometimes a little negative space (empty) isn't always harmful.
I'll keep those points in mind. In fact, I've started practising with irl stocks. The results may be ugly, though. But as long as I succeed, who cares? XD; Oh, and as for the burning and dodging, I've incorporated those things in almost all of my recent works. They are a great help, yeah.

I absolutely love that New Years graphic <3
Haha, thanks a bunch, Toshiro. :D

Well, its been a while since I posted here. And in my absence, I've created some tags and a large piece. Although some of you might've seen them already, I'll still post them here. Here they are:


This forever tag and zoro tag sucks, I admit. XD;

^ Probably my first vertical tag.

Sweetest Dante sig ever. Monotonous? Yeah, I know. u_u'

Dante sig version 2. (the original version, actually)
Large Piece(s):

Made for shipping debates contest. ^

An LP made on impulse. XD;

Oh, and my latest work. An experimentation on irl stocks. Result was kinda okay considering it was my first try, I guess? XD;

Edit: Two more. Both are actually the same thing but have slightly different colors. And the third one is slightly different from the first two. Difference on the left side.




Edit 2:

Another one. And 'Ex Sux' because this experiment sucked. :
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