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Tales of Symphonia: Mained at Lloyd (Main Character + the fact that Lloyd AI on my games tend to be really stupid and loses his TP faster than I do with my Tiger Rage + Raining Tiger Blade combo), Presea, and Colette. Presea because she was my favorite female for a long time (now it's Raine, with Presea closely behind), and Colette because for some reason, I just found her really fun to play, even though others say she's pretty difficult.

Tales of the Abyss: Guy. Luke was too slow for a swordsman in my taste (same reason why I didn't really main Kratos or Zelos in ToS) and I just liked Guy as a character soooo much more than Luke. In fact, I've been Guy so often in Abyss that I haven't really fought as anyone else unless I had to. XD;

Tales of Symphonia 2: Emil. He was a bit faster than Luke, and my sister was Marta when it was just those two throughout the game. Though when it got to the original cast, depending on who it is my sister would switch Marta with the original cast member (in her case it was usually Genis) or I would switch to the cast member right when the battle began (or fought as Marta).

Those are really the only three Tales of Games I played and completed. /sob.
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